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Welcome to Unity’s Gallery Page where we regularly showcase images which reflect Unity’s life and work in the UK, past and present. Note that if you want to save a personal copy of any featured photograph, simply hover your mouse over the image, right-click and choose ‘save as image’ from the various options offered.

Last November saw a very special event in the Unity calendar: the ordination of two new Ministers, Claudette Bovell-Lewis and Kimerie Mapletoft. To mark this event we are showcasing some delightful photographs taken during the ceremony.

Ordination 1

Ordination 2

Ordination 3


Ordination 6


Ordination 4

Wings of Song


Ordination 5


Ordination 7

Ordination 8

Ordination 9

Ordination 12

Ordination 11

Ordination 13


Ordination 14

Clare and Vernon Ordination 15

Ordination 16


Ordination 18

Ordination 19