Friends Room Support


Please note that from January 1st 2017 the Friends Room is password free. You will no longer need a password to enter the web page – and any of the link to the friends room on the main site will take you directly to the Friends Room page, enabling you to enjoy the free audio and video downloads much more freely and easily.

A note on audio and video downloads.

To get the best out of the Friends Room features we suggest that you fit headphones to your computer, or that you use a pair of good quality external speakers. Downloads such as Meditations and Prayer Services will be greatly enhanced if you use headphones, which will help ‘immerse’ you in the experience. If you want further technical advice on this, contact us.

Youtube downloads should start automatically when you click on the youtube TV-screen. Note that if you have a slow computer, or slow internet connection, the image may occasionally stop or jump. It does not normally affect the soundtrack.

If you want to watch the video on ‘full screen’ click the square icon which you will find on the bottom right hand of the small viewing screen. If you then want to go back to normal (small) view you will need to click on the ESC button on your keyboard.

Remember feedback is vital to help us improve what we offer, so if you have any comments or suggestions please do get in touch.