Over the best part of a decade Unity Maidenhead’s ‘Friends Room’ remained one of the most popular and most visited web pages. Featuring a lively mix of prayers, meditations, talks, songs, readings and more – many produced by ordinary Unity members – here was a celebration of that communal spirit which is at the heart of Unity as a movement in the UK.

In the spring of 2020, at the beginning of Covid, it became impossible to continue with this online feature. As the technology changes, the website was changing too – and perhaps it was time to close one door, and open another. However the archives contain a wealth of Friends Room audio and video recordings which have delighted us over the years and so we have decided to showcase the best of these on this page.

We begin with a celebration of the words and images of June Daniell. June is a longtime member of Unity in the UK. She worked at a photographer in younger days – but in her retirement photography remains a passion, not least because the images she records in her daily life connect with her spiritual vision. Over a number of years we have produced short videos based on June’s words and photographs. These are presented below, together for the very first time.


The Turquoise Beetle (2017)


Butterflies (2020)


Hanging by a Thread (2018)


Outstretched Arms (2021)