Five ways to get the most out of your Daily Word

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Getting the most out of your Daily Word membership

  1. Carry  Daily Word with you

Daily Word is the perfect size to fit in a handbag, briefcase or laptop bag. This way you can dip into it throughout the day,  perhaps at lunchtime or on the way home.

  1. Prayer and meditation- Use the affirmation, reading and bible verse to begin your prayer or meditation time. Remember that when you are reading the affirmation you are connecting with Daily Word readers around the world, affirming the same prayer.
  2. Articles and poems – Each edition includes a number of articles and poems by leading Unity and spiritual thinkers

“I’ve read many spiritual books and magazines and have received blessings from each one. However, several years ago something very strange started to happen. I would be worrying about something, or struggling against an issue, and the very next Daily Word message would address it. I would pray at night and every morning. It was like God was directly and specifically answering me through Daily Word ..”



4. Tell us your story –  the letters page includes stories from readers about how they came across Daily Word (often in the most unusual and always blessed ways). We would love to hear from you and print or publish online. You can write or e-mail.

5. Silent Unity booklets– Daily Word readers receive offers for Silent Unity booklets, the first copy is always free (although donations are always welcome) with the opportunity to buy extra copies for family and friends. Booklets include prayers, affirmations and articles on a range of subjects including ‘letting go’, changing your thinking as well as our annual Advent and Christmas and Lent booklets.

Try 6 months of Daily Word for just £10 and begin 2020 in an inspiring and uplifting way.  


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