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By June 30, 2016 Newsletter

The EU referendum and its results have been the main news item and cause of discussion for weeks. It also continues to be part of our focus of prayer in Silent Unity.  Now, as the results sink in, I believe it is time to begin moving forward; to look for and take right action which can bless everyone; for this is possible when it becomes our united aim.

Without any doubt it has sent shock waves through the UK, Europe and the world, causing a big shake up in the way we connect with and operate within the world. Many choices in the campaign seemed to be guided by fear and have resulted in more fear, felt and expressed. Certainly many feel ousted, unwanted, unheard, angry and very unsure about their way forward.

Yet we are all spiritual beings.

“… so we, though many, are one body in Christ and individually parts of one another.”

(Romans 12:5)

Just as we would say it is absolute madness for an arm to fight a leg, so it is madness if we oppose and fight each other.  We are all part of the same world community.

So what can we do, just where we are? It is important to honour and allow any feelings as they arise. They are valid as we go through this time of change. Then, in our hearts and minds we can begin to see beyond the differences to what we have in common. Instead of seeing fear-driven challenges, we can seek to understand each others needs and desires.

If, in our families, our communities, our countries, our world, we choose to see how we can connect with each other and take positive action together, the referendum result becomes a tool for good. An experience of dramatic change becomes an opportunity to meet and live with each other in joy and abundance.  As we say in Unity, every need is met, especially when we can help another meet theirs.

So let us bring the light of heart-felt understanding to this new situation. Let us listen with ears that really hear one another. Let us love in a way which helps us see another human being who, like us, wants a decent home to live in, a job which satisfies and prospers them, good health and loving relationships. Let us pray and hold the high watch of God present with us as guidance, wisdom, connection and healing. As we do this together, we will experience it.

Ask and it will be given to you, seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened to you.” (Matthew 7:7)

For the desire of our Creator is the highest and best for all of us. We are all children of God; expressions of God. So let us find ways to connect with the best in each other. Let us find ways to listen and respond, keeping our minds and hearts open to the needs and desires of us all. Let us really allow the Christ in me to behold the Christ in you.  And let us hold the high watch of prayer. We have a golden opportunity to play a positive role in this huge change, to positively impact our United Kingdom and our world. Let us do this through the desire to find ways which connect us all.

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