Finding God Within

By June 6, 2016 June 16th, 2016 Thought for the week

Photo by Daily Word reader  June Daniell 


The more I pray, meditate, study and serve in Unity, the more powerful and demanding is my desire to know God above all else. As Emilie Cady writes, to know the mystical union between  man and Spirit (God in us).

Diane Cirincione, the wife of Gerald Jampolsky, once described this desire as needing to be as overwhelmingly important as the desire to find a toilet when experiencing diarrhea!  It  becomes the only thing we can think about!

How do we get t know and experience this union for ourselves? By connecting with “The secret place of the most high”

(Ps. 91:1 KJV) And how do we do this? By learning to wait on God in the silence.


We use words to affirm that we are one with the love of God. In the silence we come to know this as our truth.


Are you craving to have your divine Self revealed to you personally? Take time to wait on God in the silence.

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