By September 26, 2019 October 3rd, 2019 Thought for the week

Charles Fillmore, Unity co-founder, taught that faith is our first active principle and practice – it is from and through our faith that we experience life.

We are often asked in Unity to question: Where is my faith? Is it in lack or abundance, dis-ease or health, stress or peace? We can know this by recognising our dominant thoughts and becoming aware of the words we automatically speak without thinking.

So how can we actually live, practicing our faith, in a way that works and brings positive results?

For me it has become a series of reminders:

– First recognise when my mind is rambling and worrying and come back to centre.

– I do this by gently focusing on my breath, feeling my body connected to the ground in the present moment (mindfulness in action).

– I remember to be kind and compassionate with myself.

– I listen for the reminders or spiritual nudges that are always here, to guide me and us on our journey, human and spiritual.

– Faith is built by then following through in what is mine to do in that moment.

This is my practice of faith. As I learn to rest and be still, listen to the voice and inspiration of God as Presence within me and follow through I come to know that I am on an exciting journey of discovery – living as a spiritual being having human experiences.

Enjoy your journey and your practice of faith!


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