We all have moments when we experience fear, whether as worry and concern, or the very painful experience of terror and being unable to make decisions or take any action.

An emotional experience like this is not something we can simply let go of. That practice really applies to the thoughts that overtake our thinking and will be the thought for another week.

An emotion is something we can only really move through. When we are willing to do this, fear can be a powerful experience to explore, especially when we know we are forever safe and one with the love and peace of God.

So next time you experience fear in any form, do not ignore it, push it away or make it wrong. Instead use it as an opportunity to recognise what is in the way of your experience of your divine, inherent nature. For the fear (or any strong negative emotion) is rather like an oil slick covering the surface of water. We do everything we can to avoid it, even though it won’t go away by itself. Yet underneath the oil, is pure water that is the sustaining energy that supports so much sea life.

It is very important to know you are safe, that the fear is not who you are – it is an experience being felt. You may be able to find the feeling located somewhere in your body. If so, breathe into and through it, knowing the light and love of God is dissolving the fear as you put your conscious awareness into the experience. It is important not to think about this or make anything wrong – simply allow the emotion to be acknowledged and gently dissolved. You may get an insight into why it is there, you may not. You will certainly feel more peaceful afterwards, and maybe even strengthened and more alive.

In any event, always know that you are using this as a way to connect with who you are that lies ‘underneath’ the fear – you are the beloved of God.

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