Expanding our World

By February 5, 2019 Thought for the week

We continue the theme of expansion and possibilities by focusing on gratitude this week. It is often pointed out that the power of gratitude brings us even more good to be grateful for. Yet it is even more than this.

When we feel gratitude for what we are (a divine being forever one with God), who we are (our human nature that is growing in understanding and awakening to our divinity even if bit by bit) and what we have (whether it is for hot water under a shower, heating in our homes etc) it brings us into the present moment and we stop focusing on what seems to be wrong or missing in our life. We become present to Presence. And when we take the time to do this, we experience even more of the wonderful qualities we assign to God as Presence, in us and as us.

Gratitude can also expand our thinking. Instead of worry and fear thoughts closing us down and limiting our focus, we find even more to be grateful for, we experience more energy and we open our minds and hearts to the infinite possibilities that are always here for us when we tune into them.

So this week the invitation is to tune into gratitude. And include feeling that for who you are, right now. For in Truth you are a beautiful expression of God, learning how to be this more fully, as you.

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