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“Enlightenment is not a destination,

it is the journey.”

star-1553483_1920It is easy to believe that the attaining of enlightenment, a Buddhist term, or attaining Christ consciousness, a Christian term, is something we are aiming for – an end point as it were.

Yet really, this idea or experience is something we can choose to live every day. And it is something we already do every day when we stop to help another, when we give the gift of love and forgiveness, when we listen to another human soul even though we are so busy and could be doing something else especially at this time of year.

Let us stop and pause in this Advent season. Let us begin to see the Christ light that is already shining in us when we pause to see it in another.

Life is to be lived; fully, joyfully, lovingly. And we only really live it when we help another. This is enlightenment, this is the Christ consciousness expressed here and now.

This thought has been inspired by the story of ‘The Other Wise Man’ by Henry Van Dyke.

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