Easter and Transformation

Easter is all about transformation – a time of moving through the crucifixion (or letting go) experience. Of rising up anew into the fullness of God while in human form.  This is the culmination of the Jesus Christ story and reflects the profound impact his life and death had on his followers. In Unity, Jesus is our way-shower and teacher. We look to him as the example for us to follow, so that we, too, may shine the Christ light that we, in truth, are.

Perhaps one of the hardest aspects of this to understand is that we, too, have to go through our own surrender process to get to transformation, because our ego-based mind does not want to let go.

Yet we have to be willing to let go of the egoic or ‘lack-led’ desires and beliefs. This takes awareness and commitment, but it is a commitment to us and reaps huge rewards. We come to realise we cannot serve two masters, love and fear. (Mt. 6:24) Herein lays confusion and doubt. The way to wholeness, abundance and peace is to choose love over fear. Once we are willing to let go and move through our fears, guilt, shame and sense of separation from God, we begin a shift in consciousness. We begin to experience ourselves in a new light: We are free. Daily we are transformed, resurrected and alive in God.

We can only do this as we allow ourselves to open to the idea that we, as spiritual beings, are forever one with God, God is love, and we always have access to this love for it is not separate from us, nor must be earned. Jesus knew his oneness with his Father (Jn. 10:30) It was this deep sense of love that enabled him to see beyond the mistakes of others, forgive while on the cross, (Lk. 23:34) and show us that death is not the end. We cannot kill what is pure – our spiritual identity – and this goes on after the body falls away.

It is important to know that our surrender experience does not have to feel like a crucifixion or ‘dark night of the soul’. It can be a daily gentle, releasing and opening experience as we stop resisting the Christ light that is quietly waiting to be known in us and shared in the world. We can lovingly allow the ‘dark’ or ‘separation-based’ thoughts to rise up in our consciousness to be healed and dissolved in the love and light experience we call God.


Jesus told us he came that we may have abundant life. (Jn. 10:10) He told us to stop hiding our light and let it shine (Mt. 5:16). So what is this light? What is abundant life? As we learn to surrender everything that makes us feel less than whole and free, and choose to keep our focus, with humility and joy, on God, here, now and always, we will have our own resurrection experience. We will be able to let our light shine and experience an abundant life as the Christ Presence, in our own unique and perfect way.


So, let your Easter experience be a daily experience.  Practice forgiveness and surrendering all that you know you are not, to let the Christ light rise up and shine as you. As we do this together, we will experience life transformed.


With gratitude to AdinaVoicu, Pixabay for the image.


  • Nicholas Phillips says:

    I like this post, but can you guide me to some techniques for “practising forgiveness and surrendering all that I know I am…”, so that I can put it into action?

  • Unity UK says:

    Hi Nicholas
    Thank you for your very important question, Here are some simplified suggested steps I follow:

    1.Acknowledge I am judging and feeling angry/hurt
    2.Pause and breathe and step back from the reaction
    3.Remember God is love, I am created in God’s image and I am love
    4.Know that I can respond as love to me first ( what do I need) and then the other person – kindness, compassion,benevolence, patience

    It is good to remember that forgiveness is not condoning an act it is to free us from the emotional burden which weighs us down.

    I would also recommend the book ‘Radical Forgiveness’ by Colin Tipping and I will also be writing more about this in the ‘Thought for the Week.’

    With every blessing,
    Rev. Kimerie Mapletoft

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