Digital Daily Word + Print Edition Package

Mobile & Laptop & DW

The ultimate package for positive, inspirational daily messages anywhere,

anytime, any way you want them.

Regular Print Package £29.95 

(UK Only)

Large Print Package £31.95 

(UK only)

  • Six bi-monthly print issues per year.
  • Unity e-newsletter and exclusive Daily Word offers
  • Online Daily Word booklet
  • Daily Word App
  • Archives—search 85+ years of daily messages by keyword or date.
  • Daily Email—the word for the day sent to your email address


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Convenient bonuses for digital subscribers include

  • Automatic viewing of the daily message. Simply bookmark and it will take you straight to the word for the day (with cookies enabled)
  • Email delivery of the day’s message

Daily Word Archives

  • 85 years of fully searchable archive

Daily Word Online Magazine

  • Full feature access
  • Flip through the pages of the current issue

Daily Word Around the World

Please note we can only send Daily Word both of paper and digital (UK edition)  to addresses in the UK. If you live outside of the UK please click here to find your nearest supplier   If your country is not listed please contact the US Customer Services  to order.

Technical info

Daily Word app . Compatible with iOS 8.0 or later and Android 2.3 (gingerbread) or later. Blackberry and Windows not currently supported. Requires an Internet or data connection (standard rates apply).