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Daily Word

Every day Daily Word supports people of all faiths with positive words of truth and inspiration. Millions of people throughout the world find inspiration  and support through the pages of this daily devotional.

Each issue includes an uplifting article and daily message for two months. The message themes include inner peace, healing, guidance, prosperity, forgiveness, faith, strength and more.

Daily Word is designed as a positive, life-affirming spiritual tool in daily living, containing simple, down to earth prayers and reflections

As one of our devoted readers has put it, “I can feel the love in the envelope when I open my Daily Word”.

In each issue you also will receive special offers for Unity books, CDs, DVDs and prayer literature including a regular Silent Unity prayer booklet which is offered free to subscribers.

"I so enjoy Daily Word and am constantly amazed at how appropriate the readings are- as if selected with me specifically in mind.
A daily miracle!
Thanks and please keep up the good work- the blessings shine through!"

P.S, DevonDaily Word Reader

"I really enjoy reading my Daily Word every morning and it is uncanny how the passage is always relevant to that particular day...
I shall definitely be renewing my membership and thank you for your wonderful publication which is such a comfort in my life"

W.H, HantsA Daily Word Reader

Dearest Friends,
I received my Daily Word today with joy knowing all that love was sent with it. I always sit down, open the envelope and read all the letters etc, the enclosures and affirmations, it does me the world of good. I feel you, my family are with me, no matter what is going on around me and within me. I feel blessed to hear from you, knowing you love me and are praying for me. Thank you for your letters and affirmations I have received in the last week. It is all precious to me and still I read and trust that all will be well and that all is well now xx

M.H, HampshireDaily Word Reader

"I am 85 years old or young, whichever way one care to look at it, and I don't go out much, so all my books, booklets and of course my beloved Daily Word mean a lot to me. The readings have helped me to lead a contented life and because I have found God within, I have inner peace which is wonderful. I hope all this makes sense, but I had to write to you. By the way I have received Daily Word for over 30 years and it changed my life"

S.H, LancashireLong time Daily Word Reader and Silent Unity caller

"Thank you for a second mailing of Daily Word. It's my daily comfort and my 'right hand' "

K.S, SomersetDaily Word Reader

From a Reader…

I’ve read many spiritual books and magazines and have received blessings from each one. However, several years ago something very strange started to happen. I would be worrying about something, or struggling against an issue, and the very next Daily Word message would address it. I would pray at night and every morning. It was like God was directly and specifically answering me through Daily Word ..

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Daily Word and Prayer

United prayer is powerful. Every day hundreds of thousands of people from all walks of life read the Daily Word. Affirming the same universal Truth, and applying the same spiritual principle to their lives. Together we form a great prayer group that extends throughout the world. In Spirit, we are one. May these daily prayers and messages lift you up, remind you of your divine nature, and open you to the presence and power of God within.