Daily Word transforms readers’ lives.

An audio cassette Daily Word reader expresses her thanks.

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” Daily Word came into my life at the right time”

Many of our  readers have been subscribing to the Daily Word for decades, with children, parents and grandparents. Daily Word is read by households all over the world.

The Daily Word is over 90 years young, it remains as relevant, refreshing and inspiring today.

“I’ve read many spiritual books and magazines and have received blessings from each one. However, several years ago something very strange started to happen. I would be worrying about something, or struggling against an issue, and the very next Daily Word message would address it. I would pray at night and every morning. It was like God was directly and specifically answering me through Daily Word ..”

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“I would not be without my Daily Word…”

Christmas with Unity


I got a subscription of your Daily word many years ago from a friend in my early day’s of recovery in AA. It’s been a great inspiration to me and many others since those early days. I have a good length of Recovery now in my life and would not be without my Daily Word reading, I do a lot of travelling and my little booklet is always with me as well as other daily readings. Thank you so much for all the great work you  do at Unity UK.

D.R, UK 


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“the little book”

“My only stability was that provided by the constant presence of “the Little Book” as my dear cousin Paddy calls the Daily Word and a camouflaged little Bible the same size as the Daily Word that I received on the day I enlisted in the Army in 1979”.