Creating a Dream Board

By January 9, 2015 November 30th, 2017 Living your spirituality

In the new energy of January we start thinking about news years resolutions and planning our new year, setting goals and imagining dreams. One way of really making these visions concrete is by creating a dream board or also known in Unity as Treasure Mapping.  A dream board or Treasure Map is generally made up of a collage of pictures, words and symbols representing what you would love to create in your life. It may be broad and represent every part of your life, family, career, relationships, leisure or it may focus on only one, such as business. There are also multiply ways to create one, but here are some tips:

What you will need:

paper, glue, scissors, magazines, paint, pens, print outs from the internet, a sense of anticipation.

Before you start take a moment to meditate or prayer to focus and ground your time creating.

Choose a large piece of card or paper, A3 is good  although you can choose any size you like.

Browse through the magazines for image and phrases that represent what you would like to create in your life, cut out those which call to you. Find an image which represents your understanding of God or the divine to centre your piece, it may be a religious or spiritual symbols, figure or perhaps an image from nature such as a tree or body of water.


Select some favourite affirmations, you may like to copy or cut some out of your old copies of the Daily Word. If there is an image or phrase you particularly like to include search on the internet for the image or draw your own. Once you have all your materials start arranging them on the card, gluing down the collage as you go. There are no rules and if you can always continue searching for images and adding as you go on.

Leave some space on the board for something good to come which you have not thought about, as we know God works in amazing ways.

When you are happy with your board , make sure it is all glued down and then hang it somewhere you can see it and enjoy it every day.

Happy creating, I would love to hear about how you get on and your creations this year.

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