Rev. Kimerie Mapletoft writes…..

With all that is happening in the UK and worldwide, Unity in the UK is doing even more to affirm and know our spiritual comfort, strength, guidance and healing, within and beyond our community. We have been holding all in prayer since this began and our prayers continue.

Indeed it is more important than ever to come together in prayer, sharing and developing our spiritual practice that builds our human connections and deepens our connection with God in the midst of us.

Together we stand strong in faith, in and through every experience, knowing God IS our strength, help and support.  GOD IS STILL GOOD.

Our prayer line and ministry continue to work, undaunted and faith-filled, supporting every person individually and everyone’s prayer life as a whole.

We will also continue to build our vital online, live-streamed services: offering classes, workshops, and providing prayer services, open to all every single day of the week. All these manifest and celebrate the spiritual connection, which gives us our name: Unity.

We continue to receive calls, emails and letters and will respond to them all. Our faith in God is, if anything, even greater, for we know that in every situation we turn to God first. And God as good is always here.

We will also of course be continuing to mail out our bi-monthly Daily Word and Unity Magazine, doing the very best we can to get it to you on time.

Look out for more updates on the website. And be assured, our prayers and faith remain undaunted and faith filled. Join us.

To email our prayer ministry: To call the prayer ministry: 01628 628916. To join our online prayer meetings click here.

Love and blessings to you all, Kimerie