Connecting back

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In God is the answer to every problem

How many times do we have to connect back to God? 40 times or perhaps 40 x 40 times? In fact even more than that, the true answer is constantly.

We need to connect back in any moment when we are focusing more on something else than God. When we are trying to ‘do’ instead of ‘be’.

One way is to speak a denial statement such as “This is not the truth of who I am”. I follow this with “God loves me” and I and then affirm: ” I am open to the perfect and highest solution”.

When I do this I feel calmness descend, my shoulders naturally relax and I focus fully on prayer. It is so easy to put God second in a society where we naturally focus on what we need to fix in the external world, setting about trying to find solutions. But when we are unable to find the answer, perhaps something breaks or doesn’t go to plan, we may feel frustrated or even resentful.

Often all it takes is a moment or two in prayer, connecting back to God and putting God firmly in the driver’s seat, then letting go and listening. Perhaps you may be directed to take a complete rest, or look at something from a different angle. You may even be prompted to try the same thing again. Whatever it is, this time God is in charge. Sure you can go back to your way if you really want to, but the flow of sailing down stream is so much easier and a chore can become easy and effortless.

Ruth Humphreys

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