Connect- Golden Thread- Thought for the Week

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Our innate divinity is like a golden unbreakable thread, 

stitching all of us together.

Ch. 34 The Quest

Richard and Mary-Alice Jafolla

Why do we fill ourselves with anger and bitterness towards people, building walls around ourselves, when touching someone soul to soul can be one of the most beautiful and satisfying experiences we can have? Why do we sometimes feel frightened of opening our hearts and loving each other, come what may?

Many of us have closed down to love in the name of protection and feeling safe. Yet we are all part of the One, and indelibly connected to each other. There is a part of us, our innate being, the Christ, which knows itself as love and knows everyone else as love. This love is like a golden thread, stitching us together.

This love seeks to connect us, to understand, to respond without conflict or fear. There is no fear in love.

So let us respond to every conflict with love, wisdom and understanding, whether this is on the world stage, or in our individual lives. As we seek to experience each other as part of ourselves, let us remember that if I have a problem with you, it is a projected fear or belief I have about myself. Let us find new ways to connect, which heal and bless us all. Perhaps there is one new thing you can do this week which responds as love.

Unity’s Prayer Ministry – Silent Unity – is here to pray with you.

Let Silent Unity join you in opening into deeper a realisation of our connection with each other and with God – holding a vision of peace.

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We are honoured and blessed to connect with you in affirmative, confidential, faith-filled prayer.

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