Christmas- Spiritual Preparation

Do you have an Advent routine? By this I don’t mean writing lists, sending Christmas cards and shopping! I mean taking time out every day to anticipate and prepare for the birth of the Christ child, as recognised in Jesus, and also to be known and understood as being born more deeply in us.

This can be a huge idea to take in – that the same Christ spirit that was in Christ Jesus is also in us. (Daily Word, 27/11/18) Take a moment to let that idea really sink in …

We all express this energy in different ways of course, some more than others. But instead of looking at what others are doing and not doing, we can instead ask, with kindness, what about me?

How can I express the Christ Spirit in and as me, to the best of my ability at this point in time? Can I be more loving, accepting, forgiving, understanding of others and myself? Can I step forward with more confidence, courage and faith to be a new expression of me, sharing my talents and gifts in perhaps new and more meaningful ways?

This is what the preparation time of Advent is all about: Taking time out each morning and/or evening to get quiet and still and focus our attention on the part of us that is constant, unchanging and the expression of perfect love – the Christ within. In the quietness we can practice dropping our thoughts beneath the noise of our own chatter, to the deeper Presence that lies within. We can practice relaxing our bodies and opening our hearts to Divine Love and Grace that is waiting to be known and expressed.

In Unity we focus on a different theme for the four weeks of Advent: Faith; Peace; Love; Joy. We produce an Advent booklet, with daily thoughts and readings, to guide us through this meaningful season. For the first time we are also offering a daily live prayer and meditation meeting for you to join us online and via Facebook every day of Advent

In all you do this month of December, we encourage you to take time out and go within – to the Presence Divine, to the Christ energy – that is waiting to be more deeply reborn in you.

May your Christmas be a time of love, joy and peace.

Kimerie Mapletoft
Director of Silent Unity and Daily Word UK


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