Building our Faith

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A friend of mind travelled into the centre of London the other day to return a library book. He had not been there for many weeks and was struck by the quietness of the West End, in the middle of a working week. It seemed both ominous, but also strangely peaceful and uplifting. Our new Covid-19 world can sometimes be both disturbing and liberating…

An excellent spiritual teacher whom I follow, Miranda MacPherson, talks about this time as being an opportunity for humanity’s rebirth. Our experience certainly feels like we are going through a birthing canal as we move from an old way of living to a new one.

This birthing experience can be frightening as we are moving into the unknown. For many, life feels dark, tight, uncertain, restricted and deep compassion is required as we support each other through this process.

Certainly, I believe life is no longer about what ‘I want’ for my needs only. It is about what ‘we need together’: learning to live in a way that supports all of us, including life on our planet. We have seen wonderful examples of the latter, as people step up to support their local communities. I for one feel truly uplifted as I witness this.

It is important to understand that our egoic minds are designed to keep us safe and put ‘number 1’ first. It is even more important that we do not make this aspect of ourselves wrong. To come through this time successfully we are being called to be kind to ourselves and each other as we find a new way of living.

Along with a deep sense of compassion comes a deep desire for connection. In my language, I believe it is vitally important that we seek to connect with the Presence, Intelligence, Power, Love, God, Grace, Awareness (call it what you will) that is in all, through all and here in every moment. As we do this, we build our faith. We become more grounded, stable and open to the guidance that will lead us through to that which is being reborn in us.

To probably everyone reading this article, there is a sense that we are part of something bigger than ourselves – please know without doubt that this presence is loving, wise, intelligent and here for us all equally.

Accepting this is a great start. Next, we build our personal faith and trust. Charles Fillmore, Unity co-founder, described faith as the first step in every endeavour.

So, how do we do this? One way is with a daily prayer and meditation practice (and you can join us through Unity’s Zoom meeting). Without this practice, I know I would feel tossed around in all the emotion that people are feeling and expressing.

I invite you to take time each day to connect with God as the Ground of your Being as your strength and support, the Love of God as you open our heart to receive and share this love, and to take in, receive, the Light of God that will guide and direct us all to the greater good for everyone.

To do this successfully is not a matter of will or force – it is a matter of surrender, yielding into God as Grace and Love. This is a second practice of faith. We are not forcing something to happen out of fear, restriction or needing something to be different. We are allowing and inviting God in through our hearts and minds and letting that energy guide and connect us.

Together, we are moving forward as we build our practice of faith. Let us connect, stay open, surrender and remember to ask for guidance when unsure. And, most importantly, KNOW there is more support here for all of us, than we can ever know.

In the midst of everything is God as Love (1 John 4:8). And Silent Unity is with you on the journey to encourage and support you, as are all our online services and meetings (more details in the newsletter and website). Together, as we practice our faith, we grow, learn and thrive.



  • Lisa Stedman says:

    Thank you Kimerie for this positive and powerful image of a new birth.
    Let us hope that we all emerge kinder towards each other and the planet.

    Much love and blessings
    from Lisa and Pete (Stedman)

  • Unity UK says:

    Thank you for your lovely message. Kindness is much needed, is it not – to ourselves and each other. Blessings

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