Breathing God

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Connect to that still small voice. Settle into your prayer time, feel yourself supported by the chair, with your feet on the floor and when you are ready close your eyes.

Connect within to that inner guidance, that knowledge  that it is always there. Breath into that place, really feeling that support. As you breath into it listen for the still small voice. Feel yourself supported with in and without by Love.

We always have a connection to that still small voice, it only takes as long as a breath to enter into that sacred space. Where we have the ultimate knowledge that as Jesus said;

“ The Father and I are one”.

(John 10:30)

We are being breathed by God and we are breathing God . We feel that space  and in that moment we know that  every living being is also connected to the divine. It is in this moment of the now that we truly connect with the living breathing spirit within  each of us. And it is from this oneness we emerge, we expand, we feel clearer, connected.


And it is in our prayer or meditation break that the work really begins. The challenge is not to numb out this feeling of connectivity but instead let it flow as we let water in a stream flow through through out fingers, never worrying that it might run out. Or it is the action of letting a kite string feed through our hand, seeing our kite rising higher and higher.

So how can we keep this knowledge at the fore front of our minds.  Create new habits and routines , perhaps beginning each day with a few minutes of  prayer and meditation. Surround yourself with affirmations that serve you, perhaps from  Daily Word or a verse from scripture. Some ideas include writing these on index cards, or perhaps on the cover of your phone or pinned on a board in the office.   You may choose to  pick a certain time of the day as reminders to connect back in, perhaps for a few minutes at lunchtime. Or even set an alarm or an appointment. Whatever  you decide to do  make an intention and write it down. The power of the written word can not be underestimated.

And  if you forget, or life gets in the way, that is fine, simply start again. This is all part of the rich fabric of life and what is perhaps the most beautiful truth is that even when we forget we are connected, we are still connected in our oneness, always held, always known.


Ruth Humphreys

Daily Word UK Editor

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