Being a Conduit and Expansion

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“My understanding expands as I am in service to God”

(Daily Word 15th December 2016)

What is it to be a conduit of Love? It is all encompassing, expansive, powerful. It is to feel the love of God coursing through you – as you. It is to be enveloped in everlasting love in every dimension, time and place.

What is it to be a conduit of Love? It is to see the networked strands of light covering  the earth, linking us inextricably together in oneness.

As we expand, our understanding, our love, our light expands. Each part connecting to another.

It is to feel an almost over powering sense of love, of energy of oneness with all things. To know that when we are in service to God, we are being done, we are not the ones doing.

It is not I but the Christ within which does the work.

It is to be held, to get out of the way and to be completely in the energy of service. It is to surrender joyfully and intentionally to God, the all, the divine. It is to take our place, where we are called to be, knowing we are here to serve. To look around us and see each dear one, ready, expanded out into the golden realm of God’s love. It is to know all this exists in this moment of now, in this exquisite moment of expansion.


Inspired by Daily Word 

By Ruth Humphreys, Daily Word UK editor

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