Background of the New Thought Movement


Saturday 25 March – 10am- 5pm

Sunday 26 March – 10am – 3pm

NOTE: Please book your place by end of day, 1st March

Led by Rev. Kimerie Mapletoft

Course Description

This course explores the origin and development of the ideas, beliefs, and theories that characterize the New Thought movement, looks at the expression of those ideas, beliefs, and theories in the various New Thought religions, and briefly examines the work of some of the more notable New Thought writers and teachers.  The course also compares some traditional New Thought beliefs with Christian Science and Unity teachings.


For SEE credit students:                £50

For interest only:             £30


Maidenhead and online via Fuze


Everyone taking part will be asked to do some research on various New Thought Movements or characters, which will be assigned 3rd March, and to bring your findings to the group to share.

For SEE Students £50

For interest only £30