Dear Friends,
I wish I could express the comfort i get from your tapes. I play them everyday and get such peace before I go to bed. I play them from end to end"

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A Daily Word reader once told us, “I can feel the love when I open my Daily Word”. And, as a famous Unity writer once wrote, “you are not alone”. But as we get older and perhaps experience challenges with our eyesight, Daily Word can be harder to read and enjoy.

This is why the Daily Word Audio on CD or Tape  can be so invaluable, enabling us to continue to have Daily Word as a much loved daily companion on our path through life.

Read beautifully by Ken Bradley, our UK recordings are full of warmth, intimacy and upliftment, the words of a true friend!

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Presenter: Ken Bradley

Free to UK blind or visually impaired

If you are visually impaired, please apply for the free service by e-mailing: or completing the form below

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Many people like to have both a printed and an audio Daily Word to enjoy each month, another reason why we have kept the cost down.

Please note that if you take Daily Word on cassette you will not receive other supplementary literature, although you can of course order them separately for a small additional charge. You will also have to return the cassette or CD each month once you have finished with it.

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Whether you want to listen to Daily Word on tape or CD you can sign up for a subscription today by paying  just £15 a year, that’s £10 cheaper than the printed version! (UK only).