As I forgive, I set myself free – Thought for the Week

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“As I forgive, I set myself free”
From Carran Stephens, Leader at Unity Birmingham

I have been focusing on Forgiveness and Prayer this month.

Forgiveness because it is a bit of a stumbling block for me (I know for others too) and prayer, which is so important to me.

I think of forgiveness as a means of releasing, letting go, setting myself free from an erroneous power that is holding me back.

It works both ways: We need to forgive ourselves before we can then forgive others.

Forgiveness is being kind to oneself first, showing compassion, especially if we are holding on to any feelings of guilt, resentment, anger, self-pity etc., which we all do from time to time. We can work on doing this by having an honest desire to do it, and also there is always a right time to start, or we won’t put our heart into it.

The well-used Unity phrase Let go and let God really is the only way. Because there is only One power at the heart of all…God, Good, Universal Law, Divine, many names… or no name.

Going within, to that inner knowing, and feeling the presence of all empowering love and peace, is a very freeing experience, which is a slight understatement!

The chances are, we will come to realise that we will no longer feel the need to forgive anyone. Instead we just allow God to do what God does. Then divine order and peace in our heart is re-established.

Charles Fillmore said, “It is through forgiveness that true spiritual healing is accomplished.”

Prayer is the way we can practice forgiveness.


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