Another Year is Dawning

By January 2, 2020 Living your spirituality

“Point your face in the direction your body is moving!” “Don’t look behind, you’ve already been there!”

Two of my grandmother’s sayings which I often heard as a child. Whenever we out I had the habit of looking all over the place apart from where I was actually going, with the inevitable result of tripping over a paving stone and falling flat on my face in the middle of the street.

As we enter the last year of the current decade (yes, it honestly is because the new decade does not start until 2021) maybe it’s time for us to look where we are going? In America and some other countries 20/20 vision is synonymous with “perfect vision” although despite it being a measure of your eyesight, it does not at all mean “perfect vision”. … You may be able to focus your vision at 20 feet, but may lack the ability to see five feet in front of you. Over here we tend to say “6/6 vision” instead of “20/20”.

For me the word “vision” has two meanings …… the physical things we see with our physical eyes and the spiritual things we see with our “spiritual” eyes. When I look around my house I see lots and lots of clutter everywhere, which has accumulated over the years, so one of my main Christmas and New Year assignments was and still continues to be the ongoing decluttering, or as I like to call it, “Clutter’s Last Stand.” Getting rid of physical things which I no longer need or have served their purpose in order to make room for the new. Bless and give thanks for them and then release them. The charity shop around the corner from where I live has been a grateful recipient of many “gifts” from me which hopefully will find good homes.

In a spiritual sense “vision” is about looking within and yes, perhaps even looking behind (despite my grandmother’s chastisement!) but more importantly looking forward. The Burning Bowl Service which is held all over the world in the New Year is an ideal opportunity for releasing anything and everything that no longer serves us, letting go and letting God. It is also the perfect time for looking forward to bigger and better things to come. Are we going where we want to go? Are we achieving what we want to achieve? If not, then perhaps what we want isn’t the best for us? Maybe we are putting our own personal egos and desires first rather than being open and receptive and allowing ourselves to be guided by Spirit to our greater good?

The Daily Word reading for 2nd January 2020 says it all:

“ ….. it’s always the light of God showing the way, step by step. We need not know the entire path – we simply trust and move forward with positive expectation.”

To help keep us poised and centred on this Truth I suggest a few appropriate hymns from the “Wings of Song” hymnal:

72 – Open My Eyes That I May See

109 – Be Thou My Vision

229 – Another Year

And of course 126 – “A Vision”, which is a beautiful song written by Anna Derschell with music by Carl Moerz.

Wishing you a wonderfully blessed 2020 and leaving you with a “January Resolution” from Elizabeth Searle Lamb:

Into the new year I take

The power of prayer to order

My days – indeed, my life –

Into a pattern of progress.


Into the new year I take

The joy of adventuring to lift

The routine into a challenge

Of increasing achievement.


Into the new year I take

The miracle of love to give

As a silent, unseen gift

To each person I meet.


Into the new year I take

Peace at the very centre of being,

That it may flow out from me,

Unceasing, till it encompasses the world.


Into the new year I take

God as the fundamental truth

Of all I am, of all I do.

I live in His kingdom forever.

Guest post by  Dr Gregory Porilo, Unity Centre of South London



Picture credit: mploscar at Pixabay

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