Angels of Potential

By January 5, 2017 Thought for the week
“‘Angels of overlooked opportunities’ are here in my life, now.”
(Myrtle Fillmore, How to Let God Help You (Ch. 35)
How we love the coming of the new year. It feels like wonderful new opportunities are here for us to claim and experience, coming forth from the eternal spring of limitless possibilities.
Let us also recognise that we are always in the eternal now moment. That ‘every morning we can begin the day with newness of thought and courage.’
As we ‘throw open the doors of our hearts and homes’ to the new we can greet the new day and the new year with ‘fresh delight’.
This new year is full of glorious possibilities for all of us. Let us step forward in faith and see newness in every moment, even in the previously overlooked, common day affairs of life.
Kimerie Mapletoft

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