Allowing- non-resistance

“I open, soften and allow this experience to be just the way it is.”

What would it be like if you opened, softened and allowed this experience to be just the way it is? This is a question posed by Miranda McPherson, from her book,
The Way of Grace. It is a good question to stop and ask ourselves on a regular basis.

When you experience challenges or problems in life; when life is not going the way you think it should, how do you respond? Very often our first response is to try and sort the problem out – try to fix things! For this is what we have been taught to do! Sometimes this seems to work, sometimes it doesn’t. Either way it takes a lot of energy and we can end up feeling exhausted, as if we are going from one challenge to another.

However, when we take the path of non-resistance to life, when we give ourselves a moment or two to allow whatever is happening to simply be, and open and soften into the experience of love and grace, as shared last week, then a door opens to a deeper understanding of what is going on and how to respond.

Honestly, the best way to respond is to turn to God first and make space to experience God in our minds and hearts.

So the next time you have a challenging situation, take a few moments and let go of the fixing mind. Allow yourself to soften, open and allow what is, to just be. Then witness how the situation and you change. You have made space for God as good to work in your life.


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