All of God

By March 9, 2017 Uncategorized

“In every moment, all of God is here for me.”

Sometimes life is very turbulent, chaotic and painful, and it can feel very hard to connect with God and our good.

Strength is our capacity to allow all of this, without resistance or making it wrong: To know that despite all we see and feel with our physical senses, God is here.

So when you feel knocked around by life, off balance, experiencing conflict, first take as long as you need to release all of this to Light and Love, to all of God, here with you now. Then, gradually, allow yourself to feel reconnected to God once more as strength and love in you. Feel yourself grounded in truth, unmovable in integrity, like a solid oak tree is rooted to the earth, breathing in all that God is, to bless you and those around you. As we practice being grounded in faith, we find it easier and quicker to release the conflict, thus to know ourselves and each other as the Light and Love of God we are in Truth.

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