What is Affirmative Prayer?

This is using our thoughts, words and emotions to establish a positive state of mind and body: For example in regard to wholeness and healing, abundance, guidance or peace. We pray from the perspective of wholeness instead of illness, abundance instead of lack. We pray not to fix a problem but realise the solution. We pray from the perspective of Truth in the Mind of God, where only our good is known. As we speak positive words we allow ourselves to feel the truth of them at the same time.

For example: The life/love/guidance/abundance/peace of God is now established in my body, mind and heart. Thank you, God.

Affirmation follows our release – for before we can claim something good and new, we have to release what is in the way of our experience of this. We say in Unity, I let go and let God be God in me. Or, I release and let go of any doubt, fear or concern for God as good is blessing me now. Now we have made space to experience our good in new and positive ways. Once we have released and let go of our fear, doubt or concern we always follow with an affirmation, replacing the old with the new.

So I tell you. Whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.”

– Mark 11:24


“Your Father knows what you need before you ask him.”

-Matthew 6.8

‘Asking’ through affirmative prayer is using our words, with focused intention and positive, faithful feeling, to speak the good that is already here, in the Mind of God, for us to consciously connect with here and now.

We pray from the perspective of God. In other words, not from the point of the problem, but from the point of the solution. We are aligning with God as Source, Presence, or Divine Love and Wisdom, remembering that we are all beloved expressions of God and that our every need is already met.

Our role here is to honestly recognise what our need is. Is it for loving relationships? Is it for a safe and comfortable place to live? Is it for good health and well being? Is it for right employment? Or for something else?

When we get clear about what we really want, and focus on this in the knowing that in the mind of God it is here for us now, using our words with positive, feelingful intention, we are aligning with our highest good, and experiencing the way for it to become manifest.

Our role is also to hold the intention of the highest and best outcome for all (not necessarily the specific outcome for us we think we are looking for).


In Unity we say that God knows the whole picture – we only see in part. As we pray to know the highest good for us all, even greater good than we can imagine will be experienced.

Affirmative prayer aligns us with the truth of who we are – whole, loving, creative, insightful expressions of God.

Let affirmative prayer guide you to this experience of your true self.

An example of affirmative prayer

Healing and Wholeness


As I relax into prayer, I centre myself in God’s holy presence, letting go or moving through any concerns, to touch the peace of God in the stillness.

I am attuned to the healing power and activity of God, at work right now in my body. My body, mind and heart respond to this healing life-giving energy. I am renewed and restored.

I give thanks for the light of God guiding all the medical people who support me on my healing journey.

Thank you, God, for my healing, that is happening now.


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