Out of acorns, oak trees grow. Never has this been more true than now, in these very unusual days. Confined within our homes for many long hours, we must all learn to appreciate the smaller things – and understand, as the great spiritual teachers have told us through the centuries – that out of the small, everyday ‘now moment’ new depths in our spiritual experience can be amazingly revealed.

Unity’s new Acorn Page celebrates this in a series of arresting one-minute videos, designed to explore, reveal and uplift. We will scatter these acorns, pick them up again each week, and then scatter some more. So please make a visit to this page part of your spiritual journey – through and past the supposed limitations of ‘self-isolation’.


Unity Maidenhead’s Minister, Kimerie Mapletoft, reminds us so often – at services, retreats and workshops – that it is the experience of God’s presence in our lives which is so much more important than any abstract spiritual idea. And this amazing experience can, as she says here, be discovered right here and right now!



Nancy Sandoval has been part of Unity’s movement over many decades, but it is just in the last few years that she has trained and qualified as a Unity teacher – and joined Unity’s Prayer Ministry as a volunteer. Here she is talking very powerfully about the joy of Divine Presence – and her sense of a unique spiritual vocation..



Many will remember the very lively and vital presence of Margaret Kennedy at Unity workshops and retreats. Sadly she passed on some years ago – but her spirit certainly lives on. Here she is reading a poem called ‘Smile’ – which has, as you will soon see, a special relevance to these days…



Paul Mapletoft is Unity Maidenhead’s Board Treasurer – and, since last year, a licenced Unity teacher. Here he is at a recent Sunday Service talking about the power of the mind to create its own, life-affirming reality. Something we greatly need today…



Reverend Vernon Thomas is Minister at London Unity Centre of Harmony. His message is very personal but no less profound for that. Our mission in life, and especially in these times, is not to seek to pressure or persuade – but to inspire people to experience their own power and their own presence: the Christ within.



Unity is full of vital, resilient souls: none more so than Constance Beatson, who at ninety four and now unable to move from her bed, still contributes to Unity. Here she is reading a passage from Mary Kupferle, a Unity writer whom she cherishes much in these days, because, as she says, she has so much to teach us about the healing work of God, around and within us all. For this audio only recording we have added a photograph of Constance’s beautiful rose garden, beyond her bedroom window….



(To access other short videos in the ACORNS series, go to our YouTube Channel)

And finally, a word from Myrtle…

Myrtle Fillmore, co-founder of Unity over a hundred years ago, was noted for her simple, down-to-earth wisdom. In a series of ‘healing letters’ she spoke to thousands of Unity followers in America, and in the process changed their lives. Here Myrtle speaks about the healing power of prayer  (words read by Dorothy Kirkman)