Out of acorns, oak trees grow. Never has this been more true than now, in these very unusual days. Confined within our homes for many long hours, we must all learn to appreciate the smaller things – and understand, as the great spiritual teachers have told us through the centuries – that out of the small, everyday ‘now moment’ new depths in our spiritual experience can be amazingly revealed.

Unity’s new Acorn Page celebrates this in a series of arresting one-minute videos, designed to explore, reveal and uplift. We will scatter these acorns, pick them up again from time to time, and scatter some more. So please make a visit to this page part of your spiritual journey – through and past the supposed limitations of ‘self-isolation’.


As we near the end of summer and there is talk of second waves, it becomes all the more important to celebrate all that is positive and life-affirming in both our physical and divine nature. And so our latest ‘acorns’ celebrate healing and wholeness as something intrinsic to our very essence and being….


‘Joy to the world’ affirms that lovely Christmas Carol. In our first acorn extract, Rev. Kimerie Mapletoft speaks eloquently about the relationship between joy, life-energy, and healing. Drawing on the writings of Unity’s co-founder, Charles Fillmore, Kimerie reveals how, as we express and live our joy, healing of body, mind and spirit are sure to follow….


In July 2015 Ros Goldsborough came to Unity Maidenhead to give a presentation on prosperity consciousness. During this talk she told the famous story of Myrtle Fillmore’s spiritual triumph over her own profound experience of ill-health. Ros’s interpretation of these events is a perfect lens through which to see the path we might take through these post-Covid times


‘I let go and let God’ is one of Unity’s most popular affirmations. In this acorn-extract, Interfaith Minister and Unity teacher, Ken Bradley, explores  how we might best deal with the more complicated  and deep-seated challenges that can face us through our lives – by allowing space for the Divine in our daily experience. In other words, we might say: ‘I heal as I allow God to heal within me.’


Maggie Whitehouse is an Interfaith Minister and author of many fascinating books on spirituality. She has also over the years been a frequent contributor to Unity workshops and retreats, drawing on her extensive knowledge and metaphysical interpretation of eastern and western religions. In this short extract she connects Jesus’s words,  ‘the kingdom of heaven is within’, with our modern need – and hunger for healing and wholeness. 


(To access other short videos in the ACORNS series, go to our YouTube Channel)


And finally, a meditation on healing by Kimerie Mapletoft…