Abundant Faith – Abundant Life

                                                       by Sharon S. King

Are you concerned about a health challenge that you or  someone close to you is facing? Do you feel that a negative outlook may be clouding your view of the healing power that is within you and those you care about?

Take heart, dear friend, and take a good look at this challenge from a spiritual vantage point. As you do you will see greater possibilities for healing because your eyes will open to the wisdom and guidance of God that lead to wholeness. “I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly” (Jn. 10:10). What wonderful promise Jesus’ statement holds for those who follow His example! Jesus knew that we were all beloved children of God and that we have within us the potential to be strong, happy, and well. He had a marvellous faith that helped Him to see beyond apparent illness to the truth that abundant life is everyone’s birthright.

Jesus’ faith in the power of God was the spark that awakened healing within many. Jesus also knew that the faith of others could call forth this mighty power. “Truly, truly, I say to you, he who believes in me will also do the works that I do; and greater works than these will he do” (Jn. 14:12). Jesus expected His followers to accomplish great things through the healing power within.

As you exercise your faith in God’s healing power, you call the promise of abundant life into action. Whether you are seeking healing for yourself or for someone you care deeply about, you can be sure that faith is the key to healing.

How much faith is required of you? Do you feel unsure of your faith? Does fear or anxiety stand between you and the healing you desire? What does it take to keep your faith active?

Think of your faith as a vast account from which you can withdraw all that you need. Many of us may not always be sure we have finances enough, but we can be sure that we always have enough faith. You have an unlimited “faith account” to draw upon, for God is unlimited and you are a truly beloved child of God. God is your inexhaustible source – the source of all the faith you need to see you through any circumstance. Even if your faith seems to fail you, remember that faith is an infinitely renewable resource. Place your faith in God and know that healing is on its way.

Just as your faith has no limits, neither are there limits on the healing power of God. Set aside regular times to direct your attention to God. As you do, these peace-filled moments of prayer help you grow closer to God, the source of healing, and enable you to understand more fully your part in the divine plan for a healthy, happy life. Reaffirm your faith as you quietly centre your thoughts on God’s wonderful healing power. Alone with God in the silence, receive the assurance of healing and the guidance needed to do your part.

In the same way that exercise strengthens muscle tissue, acting on the guidance and encouragement you receive in prayer is spiritual exercise that will strengthen your faith. As your faith grows stronger, it calms your fears about any physical condition and energizes and sustains you on the pathway to wholeness. What a reassuring way to call forth the healing that you seek! As you focus your attention fully on the life-restoring power within, you are assured of the energy and strength needed for every organ and tissue to function harmoniously. Throughout each day, keep your faith alive by affirming: I have faith that abundant life is mine. I am strong, energetic, and whole. Allow these words to become the prayers of your heart, the catalysts that bring forth perfect healing. Do you seek greater expressions of health in any other facet of your life? Because you and your dear ones are beloved by God, healthy finances, wholesome relationships, and healing on mind, body, and spirit are always available through faith. Faith lights your way. Faith says, “I know there is a perfect answer, a way to abundant life.” Keep your eyes on God and on the power within that directs you to greater good, and let the door to your faith open limitless possibilities for health & happiness.

“Then shall your light break forth like the dawn

And your healing shall spring up speedily.”  – Isaiah 58:8



I have faith that abundant life is mine. I am strong, energetic, and whole.


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