A Forgiveness Prayer

Forgiveness is one of the key turning points in our lives that enables true healing. Jesus told the disciple Peter to forgive not seven times but seventy times seven. (Mt. 18:22) In other words, a limitless number of times.

Forgiveness does not condone an act. What it does is free us, physically, mentally and emotionally, from bitterness, anger, regret etc that affects us. Yet it is something we seem to find very hard to do – perhaps, partly, because we find it so difficult to forgive ourselves.

So this four line prayer of forgiveness, adapted from a Catherine Ponder release/ affirmation statement, helps us forgive without naming names, or directing it at anyone we may be struggling with, including ourselves. As we repeat it with as much truth as we can bring to the words, ten times a day, for at least thirty days, we will find our hearts open, our bodies relax and healing to flow.


I fully and freely forgive

I release and let go

I let go and let God

Divine love is healing (prospering/guiding) me now.

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