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Friends Room - Free Downloads 2

Unity’s Friends Room is an exciting new adventure for Unity’s online services and fellowship in the UK. It is  a very special place on the website where you can get, at the click of a mouse, access to videos, audio downloads and a host of other services, including audio Daily Word, audiobooks of classic Unity texts, daily and monthly services, and Unity’s wonderful archive of talks and meditations.

Friends Room - talks meditations 2

We regularly update our special offers, videos, and audio and other downloads . Some features such as Daily Word audio will be updated on a weekly basis. Do let us know what you think, what you like or dislike – and what ideas you may have. Click on the pale green improve the Friends Room icon at the bottom of this page if you wish to leave comments, or email us directly.

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Friends Room - archive recordings 2

We do hope these special internet-based facilities will make you feel a real part of Unity wherever you are, whatever you are doing, wherever you live.  
All you need to make the most of the Friends Room’s regular feast of audio & video downloads is a computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet which is fitted with speakers, or (preferably) personal headphones. If you have any doubts or technical questions go to our support page, or email Steve at Unity: steve.gough@unityuk.org.

Friends Room - special offers 2

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When you are ready to begin your Friends Room experience, simply scroll down this page. Click on any of the blue links to access talks, meditations and readings; or click on the Youtube icons to watch any of our Friends Room videos.


& if you are appreciating all that the Friends Room offers you and other Unity members in the UK, why not support us with a small donation:

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Friends Room Daily Word

Some of you may already take audio Daily Word as a regular monthly cassette or CD, as a paid subscription, or free if you are registered blind or partially sighted. Here however we are offering a completely new Daily Word service, featuring audio downloads of classic Daily Word readings from the past. These recordings will be refreshed regularly to keep you up to date. Click on the blue date numbers below to start your audio download. Your computer’s media player will open and you should automatically hear the recording after a few moments. Please note that because these are historic recordings, the daily readings may occasionally deal with special days in the past calendar (eg Easter Sunday or Mothering Day) which occur on different days in this, our present year.

For February’s Daily Word recordings we fly forward on our magic carpet to the year of 2012. Ken Bradley’s recordings for this year deliver Daily Word’s daily reflections and meditation with that same spirit of strength, hope and comfort.

Ken Bradley

Ken Bradley

You may be aware that 2016 is a leap year so we have a February 29th to cover – but fortunately 2012 was also a leap year!

Saturday February 6th: 06

Sunday February 7th: 07

Monday February 8th: 08

Tuesday February 9th: 09

Wednesday February 10th: 10

Thursday February 11th: 11

Friday February 12th: 12

If you have enjoyed these classic recordings, why not consider taking out a subscription for the audio version of the current Daily Word, which is still offered at just £15 a month to subscribers – and is FREE for blind or visual impaired people. Please click here for more details.

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Friends Room Daily Noon Service

Those of you who phone the Silent Unity prayer-line will know that we hold services here at Unity Maidenhead every weekday where we keep everyone in prayer who is named on our daily prayer lists. Now, and exclusively on the Friends Room, you will be able to take part in these services as we will be placing a regular recording on YouTube which you can access by simply clicking below.

The recording is usually a little shorter than our full daily service but does have periods of silence during which you too can join in our silent prayer and meditation. Because of confidentiality, names of those on our prayer list, which are spoken during the service, have been edited out of the recording.

January’s Service can be used as a way of preparing ourselves spiritually for the coming year. Indeed the introductory prayers reflect this idea. The recording lasts just under twenty minutes with periods of quiet meditation. Click on the Youtube link below to experience fully Silent Unity’s daily time given over to spiritual peace.


 Stop Press! We are hoping soon to begin a live streaming of some of our regular Services including the daily prayers at Unity Maidenhead.  This will mean you can watch these services live as they are happening on this web-page. Watch this space!

If you wish to listen to our latest  Silent Unity Monthly Prayer Service which you can use in your own personal prayer and meditation, click on the audio link below.  It includes some short moments of silence between each set of prayers; and lasts about five minutes:

Monthly Prayers February 2016

You may also wish to download a text document of this prayer service for your own use, in which case you can click on the following link:

Silent Unity Prayer Service February 2016

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Friends Room Favourite Daily Word copy

Over the years, we all have our favourite memorable Daily Word meditations. Some of us may cut out these pages and keep them nearby us in a purse, a wallet or by the bed. Some Daily Word subscribers go through each new bi-monthly magazine marking the pages that seem most wise or powerful for this time in their lives. In this section of the Friends Room we highlight an especially memorable Daily Word reading for the month, and present it to you in the form of a short YouTube film featuring meditational sounds & images accompanying the audio reading for that day by Ken Bradley. Ken’s reading is taken from the regular audio version of Daily Word which you can subscribe to, or have sent free if you are blind or partially sighted.

My Favourite Daily Word for JANUARY is Tuesday 12th. I wonder how many of us found it difficult to create an affirmative vision for the coming year, in view of all that is happening at home and abroad right now? If you did, then turn to this special day and drink in words of hope, confort and celebration. The word for the day (actually it is a phrase) is ‘live your dream’ which we should all perhaps put on a piece of paper and keep safe in our wallet or purse….

Ken Bradley’s reading is accompanied in this short video by some restful images of lake Windermere in the Lake District. An area’s whose enduring beauty and spiritual inspiration is not diminished even by our recent calamitous recent floods:


If you have enjoyed this recording, why not consider taking out a subscription for the audio version of Daily Word, which is still offered at just £15 a month to subscribers – and is FREE for blind or visual impaired people. Please click here for more details.