Beyond appearances- Awakening- Unity Thought for the Week

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“I look beyond appearances to the truth”

The Quest, Ch. 35

Richard and Mary-Alice Jafolla

This week, instead of looking at a problem or a person needing help and wondering how to fix it, (responding at purely the human level), let us first practice looking beyond the appearance of the situation, to the truth that lies behind it.

In Unity we talk about the Christ presence (our divine nature) in us all; about seeing this as our truth and living from the perspective of the Christ as much as we can.

When we get caught up in a problem, whether personal, local or international, we can only respond at the level of the problem.  When we choose to look at everyone through the eyes of our divinity, and see beyond the surface level to the deeper truth of the divinity or the Christ within them, the other person is much more able to respond at that higher level. Their guidance can become clear.

Every one of us is here to know ourselves as whole, loving, connected with God at the level of Oneness, which nothing at the physical level can separate or divide.

This Christmas, as we prepare to celebrate the birth of Jesus, and the deepening awakening into our knowing of the Christ within us, let us remember to see through the challenges of our lives and in the world around us.  Let us learn to respond from the divinity or the Christ in us, to the Christ in each other.

What a perfect gift this is to us and our world.

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