A New Vision: All things are possible

Saturday Workshop, via Zoom

25th July 2020

10.30am – 3.30pm 

Cost: Donation

Led by Rev. Kimerie Mapletoft & Unity UK teachers

We are delighted to offer a Zoom workshop which can be joined by phone as well as online.

With all that is happening this year, it is time to see ourselves and our world anew.

Using Unity tools and practices, recognising God as our Source, we can deepen our understanding of our true worth. With renewed vision, we become the change we seek. Together, we create the world anew.

Programme for the day

  • Introduction and welcome, including the aim for the day – led by Kimerie Mapletoft, looking at the powers of faith and release.
  • Nancy Sandoval will share about the benefits of love and forgiveness
  • After a short break, Isabel will lead us through the benefits of acceptance, using the tool of QE (quantum entrainment) to help us focus on the energy that works through and us
  • Return with Daily Word – Happiness
  • Seeing again for the first time – led by Paul Mapletoft
  • Finding yourself in transition – led by Beth O’Connell
  • Meditation and closing by Kimerie

Throughout the day there will be time for discussion, reflection and small group discussion.


Let us hold a new vision for a new world.

To book please click here and make a donation ( please add a note to say it is to attend the workshop)

We will confirm your reservation and Zoom details by return email.

You can also join by phone.

Call us on 01628 628915 for the ‘how to’ details and to book your place with a donation.

For questions about this workshop, or any of our prayer and study online meetings, call our office number above.

We are here to support and encourage everyone on our journey of awakening.

Here is one of the attendee’s reflection following a recent online workshop:

“Trying something new is never easy…and finding safe spaces to explore who we are and who we want to be are sometimes few and far between. Some of us are lucky enough to find a spiritual family, individuals learning and growing together in a constant flow of supportive energy. With meditation, affirmative prayer and love, Unity has blown away all my previous preconceptions of what spiritual practice means.

In last weekend’s workshop; Quakers, Catholics, Anglicans, Buddhists and enthusiasts of eastern philosophy all came together to Let go and Let God. But what does this mean? For me it is reaching for the most powerful tool in the Universe – freedom from obsessing on our problems. The workshop covered a lot on this and although no-one has all the answers, yet each time we come together more little lights get turned on inside my consciousness.

“The Truth shall set you free.”

Unity helps me to ask and answer the questions…. who is “the me” to be set free? What is the “I am”?  My conscious mind? My sub-conscious? My memories and experiences? My super-conscious? My divine nature? How do I choose who sits in the driving seat? How can I choose to respond lovingly instead of reacting to the world? 

How do I connect with the divinity within me, in a way I can tangibly feel?

Connecting spiritually through modern technology may seem counter intuitive, but in this first online workshop I left with renewed sense of spiritual freedom; confident that I’ve taken yet another step on the road that’s right for me. Thank you Unity for helping me be who I am. ”  SB