Thank you to everyone who took part in our World Day of Prayer, whether at home, online or in person is was an honour to prayer with you. 

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World Day of Prayer on Thursday 14th September 2017.

“World Day of Prayer gives us an opportunity to come together in celebration of our oneness with God, each other and our world. Through prayer we foster peace and wholeness in our community, our individual lives and our planet,” says Kimerie Mapletoft, Director of Silent Unity UK.

Held every year on the second Thursday of September Unity’s World Day of Prayer represents a global effort to uplift our world in shared prayer consciousness.  Since its inception, this sacred initiative has supported more than 15 million people worldwide with prayer. On this day, in fact, more people contact Silent Unity for prayer than at any other time. It is truly an honour to hold each dear person in prayer, on this day and every day – no need is too small or too large, each dear one held close in our hearts in recognition of the spiritual beings we all really are.


I AM peace in the midst of all matters.

This year was the 24th annual Unity World Day of Prayer, when thousands of people all around the world came together in conscious, affirmative prayer and stillness, holding the same thought for themselves, their loved ones and our world community. It gave all of us the opportunity to experience prayer in a deeper and profound way, knowing we re not praying alone.

Here at Silent Unity UK Headquarters we held on that day in September a continuous prayer vigil from 9am-9pm joined online by many people around the UK.

It was a sacred, special day. Everything changes when we pray together in conscious, affirmative prayer. 

To pray peace, as peace, gives the gift of peace to ourselves and our world. Join us and feel the real power of prayer.

 The next World Day of Prayer will take place on September 13th 2018.

Kimerie Mapletoft, Director of Silent Unity UK, describes World Day of Prayer in this short video: