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Welcome to Unity’s Online Bookshop where you can browse and order the most popular of our current titles.

Below you will find our Unity books are listed in alphabetic order, by author. Prices, which include postage costs, are for UK sales only. A surcharge will be required for any overseas sales. Contact us for prices.  

HOW TO ORDER: Click the ‘add to cart’ button to purchase an individual book. You will then see a shopping basket displayed on the website page showing your current purchases. Click on more books if you wish to add to this; then click the Paypal check-out button to be taken to Paypal’s online payment pages, which enable you to confirm your order & pay either by Paypal or by credit/debit card.

Quick list of classic Unity authors

Frederick Bailes

YOUR MIND CAN HEAL YOU,  by FREDERICK BAILESThe words of Frederick Bailes have been studied for generations by New Thoughts followers around the world. £12.75, inc. postage & packing

HIDDEN POWERS FOR HUMAN PROBLEMS, by FREDERICK BAILES. The Seven ‘parent’ thoughts behind all human problems. Problem areas include anger, stress, anxiety, failure, misunderstanding.  £12.25 inc. postage & packing.

Toni G Boehm


CONSCIOUS LIVING: THE WAY OF REGENERATION THROUGH THE RENEWING OF THE MIND, by Toni Boehm . Exploring Genesis to Revelation, the Veda’s and the Nag Hammadi Library we will unfold the mystery of the journey into Christ Consciousness through regeneration. From Creation to Christ we will delve into the interior depths of the heart and explore the secrets of the spiritual unfoldment through the renewing of the mind on both a personal and universal level. Are you ready to “live” the reality of regeneration, now?    £11.99 inc. postage & packing. 

Doug Bottorff

native soulNATIVE SOUL. The mantra of many self help books is” change your thinking, change your life.” However, negative self-talk and mindless chatter stem from a skewed self-image. Native Soul goes a step deeper, gently encouraging awareness of your true essence. £16.45 inc. postage & packing.

Robert Brumet


THE QUEST FOR WHOLENESS, by ROBERT BRUMET A helpful guide in your journey of spiritual discovery, Brumet argues that we are spiritual beings having a human experience, and that loving ourselves and others is integral to becoming whole. £11.99 inc. postage & packing.

Eric Butterworth

BREAKING THE TEN COMMANDMENTS by ERIC BUTTERWORTH. You may claim to live by the Ten Commandments, but do you live from them? As legendary spiritual teacher Eric Butterworth demonstrates in this classic text, the Commandments hold keys to expanding your moral character, spiritual consciousness and loving contribution to society. Butterworth encourages you to break the Ten Commandments, not through sinning, but by cutting through archaic language to unlock hidden meanings in biblical text. 12.99 inc. postage & packing.


CELEBRATE YOURSELF, by ERIC BUTTERWORTH This popular title joyously embraces the concept that ‘every person is an eachness within the allness of God’. Butterworth is a renowned minister and educator. £11.00 inc. postage & packing.


DISCOVER THE POWER WITHIN YOU, by ERIC BUTTERWORTH. ‘This book has changed my perspective on life and religion.’ (Oprah Winfrey). ‘A wonderful book… truly a life-changer’ (Norman Vincent Peale). £11.99 inc postage & packing.


IN THE FLOW OF LIFE, by ERIC BUTTERWORTH. ‘Life is a flowing experience, and within every person is an inlet that may become an outlet to all there is in God’ ‘You are the expression of God flowing into the world. Living in the flow of God will change your life forever!’ £11.95 inc. postage & packing..


SPIRITUAL ECONOMICS, by ERIC BUTTERWORTH. One of Butterworth’s most treasured titles, over 150,00 have now read this vibrant message and have transformed their lives by putting it into practice. You can too! £11.50 inc. postage & packing.


UNITY: QUEST FOR TRUTH by ERIC BUTTERWORTH  Eric Butterworth introduces the Unity movement as a present-day faith that corresponds to present-day needs. If you are on a spiritual quest for greater understanding of God; and desire a happy joyous life through practising Christian principles, then this book is for you. £10.00 inc. postage & packing. 

THE UNIVERSE IS CALLING by ERIC BUTTERWORTH. Eric Butterworth is considered a legend and spiritual icon in the Unity Movement. In this book he addresses the growing need for understanding and clarity regarding the function and nature of prayer. “A wonderful book… truly a life-changer…”  £10.70 inc. postage & packing.

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H. Emilie Cady

LESSONS IN TRUTH, by H. EMILIE CADY. Dr Cady teaches that our lives can be transformed by the power of our thoughts, words and beliefs. She encourages us to find our truth as it is written in our heart. A classic Unity text which has changed many lives. £11.75 inc. postage & packing

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Ellen Debenport


THE FIVE PRINCIPLES by ELLEN DEBENPORT. An intelligent, accessible, probing exploration of the Unity movement’s essential teachings. A book that will appeal to both spiritual seekers and skeptics. £10.45 inc. postage & packing.

Charles Fillmore

THE ATOM-SMASHING POWER OF MIND by CHARLES FILLMORE. Approaching the spiritual realm from the viewpoint of science, Fillmore, founding father of Unity, demystifies the ‘holiness’ of our relationship with God. £12.25 inc. postage & packing. 

(Out of stock)

CHRISTIAN HEALING by CHARLES FILLMORE. A foundational work for Unity and new Thought teachings, it contains many of Fillmore’s early ideas on metaphysics. A manual anyone can use to foster spiritual healing through the use of denials and affirmations. £12.25 inc. postage and packing. 


DYNAMICS FOR LIVING by CHARLES FILLMORE. An invaluable reference book for Fillmore’s most influential ideas. An excellent introduction to Unity’s founding father and his spiritual ideas – ideas which are as timeless now as when they were first published a century ago. £12.25 inc. postage & packing 

Out of stock


JESUS CHRIST HEALS by CHARLES FILLMORE. Fillmore taught that anyone can learn and use the healing methods of Jesus Christ, which he saw as the outworkings of universal mental and spiritual laws. After all, Jesus did promise us, ‘He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also.’ £10.95 in. postage & packing.


KEEP A TRUE LENT.Unity believes that we can best keep Lent by denying ourselves not “things” but negative thoughts and feelings.  Charles Fillmore provides 17 powerful essays to help the reader prepare for a spiritual journey, and he includes a thought-provoking lesson for each day of the Lenten season .’ £12.25 in. postage & packing.


MYSTERIES OF JOHN by CHARLES FILLMORE. Fillmore believed that John’s Gospel contained spiritual qualities not found in other parts of the New Testament. He taught that those who yearn for the mystical will find it in John. A classic text from Unity’s co-founder. £12.25 inc. postage and packing.


PROSPERITY by CHARLES FILLMORE. One of Fillmore’s timeless classics which explores abundant living as a way of life. “If we lack anything it is because we have not used our mind in making the right contact with the supermind… in your mind see plenty everywhere. As you do so you will find there is an increase in your supply.’ £12.25 inc. postage & packing.

THE REVEALING WORD by CHARLES FILLMORE. A concise reference work on the Bible, exploring the inner meaning of many of the key words or phrases we find in Biblical texts. A foundational work, within which you may find many of Fillmore’s key ideas on spirituality and the Spirit. £12.25 inc. postage  packing.

(Out of stock)


TALKS ON TRUTH by CHARLES FILLMORE. A classic collection of fourteen talks by Unity’s co-founder on the metaphysical aspects of Christianity. Topics include The Holy Spirit, Ye Must be Born Again & Attaining Eternal Life.  £12.25 inc. postage & packing. 


TEACH US TO PRAY by CHARLES FILLMORE. In this book, Fillmore  analyses the practice of prayer, showing how to tap into a level of consciousness that goes beyond beseeching, even beyond affirming, to being in the Christ consciousness. £12.25 inc. postage & packing.


THE TWELVE POWERS by CHARLES FILLMORE. Based on his study of the life and ministry of Jesus, Fillmore developed the idea of Man’s twelve powers, or faculties, which, when developed fully, can lead to a life of unspeakable joy and glory.  £12.25 inc. postage & packing.

(Out of stock)

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Lowell Fillmore

The Prayer Way to Health, Wealth and Happiness copyTHE PRAYER WAY TO HEALTH, WEALTH AND HAPPINESS by LOWELL FILLMORE. The eldest son of Unity founders Charles and Myrtle Fillmore was raised in an environment of affirmative prayer so it was natural that he would go on to write about prayer as a means to achieve health, wealth and happiness. This practical book offers a practical approach to problem solving through prayer and the activity generated by listening for answers to our prayers. £11.00 inc. postage & packing.  

Myrtle Fillmore


HEALING LETTERS by MYRTLE FILLMORE. During her lifetime, Myrtle Fillmore, co-founder of the Unity movement, personally corresponded with hundreds of people seeking prayer support. Her HEALING LETTERS offer a glimpse into the heart and soul of a woman whose gentle spirit inspired so many. £12.25 inc. postage & packing.


HOW TO LET GOD HELP YOU by MYRTLE FILLMORE. Selected from Myrtle’s most inspired writings, articles and lectures, this book reveals her Truth experience, that God is always there to answer every need. And by developing our God-given abilities, we express our divine potential as Children of God.  £12.25 inc. postage & packing.

Emmet Fox


ALTER YOUR LIFE by EMMET FOX. Through a series of short meditations, Fox shows us how to exchange old, negative habits of thought which can lead to unhappiness, loneliness or frustration – for healthy ways of thinking and feeling based on the life and message of Jesus. Fox was one of the most popular and influential spiritual leaders of the twentieth century. £14.00 inc. postage and packing.]

Out of stock


FIND AND USE YOUR INNER POWER by EMMET FOX. “Fox shows us that everyone has troubles, ill-health and the rest of it, but that down the ages certain people have attained mastery over these misfortunes and through their own efforts have been able to lead lives of unbroken happiness.” NEW YORK TIMES. £14.50 inc. postage & packing.


MAKE YOUR LIFE WORTHWHILE by EMMET FOX. Fox outlines the seven mental laws that are the stepping stones to full realisation of the inner spiritual power which lies within the reach of everyone. Brief, pointed, practical instructions on successful living. £14.00 inc. postage & packing.



THE SERMON ON THE MOUNT by EMMET FOX. Fox’s timeless manual on the art of living harmoniously and successfully. “A practical handbook of spiritual development… Fox gives his readers a profound outlook upon life and an absolutely fresh scale of values…” NEW YORK TIMES. £13.00 inc. postage & packing.

(Out of Stock)


STAKE YOUR CLAIM by EMMET FOX. “It is your God-given duty to stake your claim to peace,  poise, power, prosperity, and health – and God expects you to be satisfied with nothing else.” In this classic text, Fox provides inspirational advice and simple self-help that will lead to happiness and fulfilment. £13.50 inc. postage and packing.

THE TEN COMMANDMENTS by EMMET FOX. Fox’s guidelines on spiritual living have inspired generations. Here he presents a view of God as a present, dynamic, real power for harmony, healing and freedom. “Fox has a capacity for discovering deep spiritual truth in everyday events.” £13.50 inc. postage and packing.

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James Dillet Freeman


THE STORY OF UNITY by JAMES DILLET FREEMAN. James Dillet Freeman was director of Silent Unity and Unity’s Ministerial programme. Covering Unity’s development over a hundred years this fascinating book includes chapters on the life and teachings of the founding figures, Charles and Myrtle Fillmore. £12.50 inc. postage & packing.

Joel Goldsmith

LIVING THE INFINITE WAY by JOEL GOLDSMITH. Joel Goldsmith’s classic teachings have lost none of their relevance, impact and power in the twenty-first century – ‘a vital contribution to the spiritual awakening of humanity’ (Ekhart Tolle) £14 inc. postage & packing.


PRACTISING THE PRESENCE by JOEL GOLDSMITH. “Every person who has known dissatisfaction, incompleteness and frustration will some day learn there there is one missing link in the entire chain of harmonious living. That is the practice of the presence of God – consciously, daily and hourly.’  (from the Introduction) £13.50 inc. postage & packing.

Paul Hasselbeck

HEART-CENTRED METAPHYSICS by PAUL HASSELBECK. As you expand your understanding of Hasselback’s metaphysical principles you will begin to experience the world differently, ultimately creating change in your outer life and circumstances. £19.50 inc. postage & packing.   Out of Stock



POINT OF POWER by PAUL HASSELBACK. If you are looking for the deeper principles of spiritual truth, this is the book you have been searching for. Hasselbeck provides powerful, well-articulated principles, as well as practical actions and exercises designed to help you move out of life’s chaos by discovering the truth within. £12.50 inc. postage & packing. Out of stock



THE SIMPLE TRUTH by R. & M.A. JAFOLLA. In twenty-four short but stimulating chapters the authors offer explanations of fundamental spiritual subjects such as the nature of God,  Spirit, soul and body. £11.95. inc postage & packing.

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Mary Kupferle


GOD WILL SEE YOU THROUGH by MARY KUPFERLE. A much-loved book in which Kupferle offers positive, life-affirming solutions to everyday situations in a gentle and reassuring style. Full of practical, thought-provoking wisdom and advice. £9.50 inc. postage & packing.



TRUST IN THE GOODNESS OF GOD by MARY KUPFERLE. A favourite with Daily Word readers, Kupferle shares her finely tuned awareness of the presence of God’s goodness in all situations. A book to cherish and share with your friends. £9.50 inc. postage & packing..[Currently out of stock]

Linda Martella-Whitsett

HOW TO PRAY WITHOUT TALKING TO GOD  by REV. LINDA MARTELLA-WHITSETT. Unity minister Linda Martella-Whitsett shows us how to pray without being religious. We can have a rich and fulfilling spiritual practice without adhering to creeds and dogmas. £15.99 inc. postage & packing.

Robert Marshall


THE INNER CORE by ROBERT MARSHALL. Marshall explores the mystical Christian experience, teaching the reader how to navigate the inner realms, and offering basic tools to help break through to higher experience. £11.95 inc. postage & packing.

Catherine Ponder


A PROSPERITY LOVE STORY by CATHERINE PONDER. Author of best selling books, Ponder has received many awards and recognitions. In this book she describes her own personal adventure, ‘from rags to enrichment’. £16.99 inc. postage & packing.



DARE TO PROSPER by CATHERINE PONDER. In this clear, practical, yet inspiring book, Ponder takes us through the steps we should take in the direction of prosperity consciousness, leading the reader towards a life of success in all levels, and fulfilment. £10.00 inc. postage & packing.



THE DYNAMIC LAWS OF PRAYER by CATHERINE PONDER. ‘Prayer releases the highest form of energy in the universe, as it links you with a God energy which is your source… as you prayer you expand mentally and spiritually so as to become big enough in consciousness to receive a larger flow of the divine energy… prayer is not only asking, prayer is also receiving.’  £18 inc. postage & packing.



THE DYNAMIC LAWS OF PROSPERITY by CATHERINE PONDER. We have heard a great deal in recent years about positive thinking. And out of recessions and lean years Ponder says we have learnt a new concept, ‘prosperous thinking’. ‘You are prosperous to the degree that you experience peace, health, and plenty in your world.’ £18 inc. postage & packing. Out of Stock


THE PROSPERING POWER OF LOVE by CATHERINE PONDER. In this powerful book, Ponder explores how divine love works in all areas of life to enrich and fulfil. As Gandhi once said, ‘throughout history the way of love and truth has always triumphed’  £10 inc. postage & packing. Out of stock



THE PROSPERING POWER OF PRAYER by CATHERINE PONDER. Ponder takes us on a fascinating journey through different forms of prayer, developing and deepening the spiritual connections through affirmations, meditation and picturing techniques. £10 inc. postage & packing.


THE PROSPERITY SECRETS OF THE AGES by CATHERINE PONDER. Ponder in this book explores some of the startling secrets of success which have been known and used by ancient peoples, including ‘success allegories’ passed from one civilisation to another through history – secrets that can be applied and shared today. £17 inc. postage & packing. 

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Michelle Robin

WELLNESS ON A SHOE-STRING by MICHELLE ROBIN. Whatever your financial resources may be, the power to improve your health is within you. Michelle Robin shows the reader how to harness their inner voice as they practice the essential habits for complete well-being. £12.99 inc Postage & Packing


Richard Rieger


AN INSIDE JOB by RICHARD RIEGER. Finding the right work is an inside job:  ‘Discover what kind of work is right for you, identify career possibilities, learn methods of overcoming doubts and getting through financial difficulties…’  £10.80 inc. Postage & Packing. 

Jim Rosemergy

A CLOSER WALK WITH GOD by JIM ROSEMERGY. Who is God? Where is He? Why does God feel so separate from our everyday lives? In this book, Rosemergy -one of Unity’s foremost writers – helps us find a blueprint for creating a closer, lasting and fulfilling relationship with God. £10.30 inc. Postage & Packing.


LIVING THE MYSTICAL LIFE by JIM ROSEMERGY. Rosemergy’s aim in this book is to assist us in the discovery of the new spirituality. For over twenty years, through the study of mystical works, prayer and meditation, this Unity author has explored the path that leads to spiritual awakening. £10.10 inc Postage & Packing.

THE GATHERING by JIM ROSEMERGY. A guide to the power of group and individual prayer. This book will help you see that prayer isn’t something you do, rather it’s an experience of God’s presence. Jim Rosemergy helps you achieve a genuine, ever deepening sensem of God’s closeness and unlimited power. £10.99 inc. Postage & Packing.( Currently out of stock)

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Charles Roth

MIND: THE MASTER POWER by CHARLES ROTH. This Unity classic contains information even more pertinent today for the spiritual seeker. Roth combines practical meditations with advice based on the scripture, to help us transform our lives through Spirit. £9.00 inc. Postage & Packing.


 A TWELVE POWER MEDITATION EXERCISE by CHARLES ROTH. Long after Unity’s co-founder Charles Filmore wrote about the twelve powers, people continue to study his exploration of our spiritual faculties. In this book Roth provides an easy to understand introduction to this areas of Filmore’s work.  £11.75 inc. Postage & Packing.

Don Ruiz

THE FOUR AGREEMENTS by DON RUIZ. In this book, Ruiz reveals the source of self-limiting beliefs which rob us of joy and create needless suffering. A powerful piece of writing which provides codes of conduct which can transform our lives. £9.49 inc. Postage & Packing.


Felicia Searcy

                 DO GREATER THINGS by FELICIA SEARCY. In this book Searcy puts in clear and compelling terms exactly who Jesus was and what it means to follow his example. Practical and timely wisdom which will inspire the reader. £11.50 inc Postage & Packing.

Ervin Seale

MINGLING MINDS by ERVIN SEALE. A study of Quimby’s ‘Science of Health and Happiness’. A portrait of a great and original thinker which is also a spiritual manual which will enrich the personal life of the reader. £8.70 inc. Postage & Packing.


Thomas W Shepherd

 jesus 2JESUS 2.1: An Upgrade for the 21st Century  . Every generation throughout history has rethought, reshaped and reinvented Jesus to meet the needs of the times.  This successive remaking of Jesus , Dr Thomas Shepherd asserts is a healthy, positive course of intellectual and spiritual growth critical to understanding Christian-based faith.  £15.99 inc Postage & Packing.


Florence Shinn

THE GAME OF LIFE by FLORENCE SHINN. ‘This absolute gem of a book lays down the rules of how to play the game of life and win, by providing the key principles to happiness and fulfilment.’ A classic text by a very popular author. £6.99 inc. Postage & Packing.


YOUR WORD IS YOUR WAND by FLORENCE SHINN. With her timeless message and ability to explain success principles and how they work in an entertaining and easy-to-read style, Shinn’s books are still considered the leaders in prosperity literature today. £10 inc Postage & Packing.


More Florence Shinn books on Amazon (Unity will receive a percentage of the sale)

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Gary Simmons

THE ‘I’ OF THE STORM by GARY SIMMONS. In this book we learn how to go beyond merely managing the conflict in our lives to actually embrace the conflict, allowing it to teach us what we would not otherwise learn. An invaluable guide to peacemaking: in ourselves, our relationships, and in the world around us. £11.50 inc. Postage & Packing.

Noelle Sterne

TRUST YTrust Life copyOUR LIFE  by Noelle Sterne. In this book you will learn to forgive yourself for your ‘mistakes’ and begin to see them as the inevitable steps towards the future you want to create. A book filled with spiritual guidance and life affirming thoughts. £12.95 inc. Postage & Packing.>


Peggy Treiber

SMACK IN THE MIDDLE OF LIFE by PEGGY TREIBER. ‘Here we are – smack in the middle of life. How are you doing? If you need a perspective to cope in today’s hectic, challenging world, these insightful stories can help you gain fresh outlooks.’ £11.50 inc. Postage & Packing.


Elizabeth Turner

BE YE TRANSFORMED by ELIZABETH TURNER Using Charles Filmore’s Metaphysical Bible interpretation, Turner shows us how to transform our lives by learning to live by Christian principles. £12.25 inc. Postage & Packing.


Neale Vahle

TORCH BEARER TO LIGHT THE WAY by NEALE VAHLE. A biography of Unity’s Co-founder, Myrtle Filmore, this book provides valuable information and insights into Myrtle’s spiritual thought and life experience. £13.15 inc. Postage & Packing

Anna and Andrew Wallas

Andrew's BookCALL OFF THE SEARCH by ANNA & ANDREW WALLAS Why do so few of us find true love? Why do we spend our whole life looking for fulfilment, for intimacy, for joy? This challenging and entertaining new book attempts to answer these questions with honesty and spiritual courage. £9.99 inc. Postage & Packing

Georgina West

PROSPERITY’S TEN COMMANDMENTS by GEORGINA WEST. In this enlightening volume, West expands the traditional understanding of the Ten Commandments, revealing them as guidelines to a happy, prosperous life. £12.25 inc. Postage & Packing.


David Williamson

TWELVE POWERS IN YOU by DAVID WILLIAMSON. Are you constantly searching outside of yourself for the answers to your problems? Do you feel powerless to meet life’s constant challenges? Are stress and illness sapping your spirit? This book helps you transform your life by discovering the essential spiritual powers within you. £10.25 inc. Postage & Packing.

Ernest Wilson

THE WEEK THAT CHANGED THE WORLD by ERNEST WILSON. This enlightening study gives you a new perspective on the 47 events of Holy Week from palm Sunday to Easter Sunday. Essential reading for those seeking a deeper awareness of the Easter experience. £12.25 inc. Postage & Packing.  OUT OF STOCK


Thomas Witherspoon

MYRTLE FILMORE, MOTHER OF UNITY by THOMAS WITHERSPOON. This biography of Unity’s dynamic, committed co-founder also includes extracts of her reflections, poems and affirmations and is therefore an essential guidebook for those interested in Myrtles life and work. £11.00 inc. Postage & Packing.

Daily Word Titles


photo-dw-for-the-spiritIn this unique Daily Word volume, Colleen Zuck, editor of Daily Word for 25 years, has personally selected 50 Daily Word readings and articles. Individuals such as Wayne Dyer, Dr Michael Bernard Beckwith and Rosemary Fillmore Rhea as well as many everyday heroes and heroines, allow us into the depths of their souls. £12.75 inc Postage & Packing.


DAILY WORD FOR FAMILIES by COLLEEN ZUCK. A compilation of some of Daily Words most memorable and insightful reflections on family life. A wonderful companion for those seeking to enrich their  family relationship. £11.99  inc Postage & Packing.


DAILY WORD FOR PROSPERITY by COLLEEN ZUCK. Another volume in the compilation series with meditations from Daily Word chosen this time for their insight into the work of prosperity thinking in our lives. £7.99 inc Postage & Packing. Out of Stock


DAILY WORD FOR WOMEN by COLLEEN ZUCK . In this collection Zuck chooses extracts from Daily Word reflections and meditations which bring light to every woman’s heart and soul. Ideal for the woman who wants to start each day in joy renewal and serenity. £11.99 inc. Postage & Packing

COLOR YOUR ZEN: A DAILY WORD COLORING BOOK ACreate your own sacred art with original mandalas-plus favourite affirmations from Daily Word. This 52 page colouring book for adults is a must have for those desiring a deep meditative and artistic process. £10.99 inc Postage & Packing. 


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