ADVENTURWe stock a wide variety of booklets on Unity ideas and principles which are very modestly priced. Subjects include Prayer, Meditation, Faith & Divine Order. Please contact us, or download our booklist for more details of our complete catalogue: Unity Bookshop – booklist & pricing

You can also order the following popular Unity booklets from us online. Prices include postage (UK only).  


Book of Silent Prayer (new)

THE BOOK OF SILENT PRAYER. This very popular and much-loved Unity publication went out of print some years ago; and so it is with special pleasure that we announce that a new edition has now published and we have copies in the UK for just £4.60 including postage.

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Golden Key

THE GOLDEN KEY, by Emmet Fox. In the introduction to this classic text, Fox describes his words as ‘a practical guide to getting out of trouble’. Reading his words over and over will, he adds, get you out of any difficulty… £2.50



Prayers Blessings and meditations

PRAYERS, BLESSINGS AND MEDITATIONS. A very popular compilation of much loved Unity texts, this is an excellent booklet to keep in your bag or at your bedside. £2.50

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Whever You are God is


WHEREVER YOU ARE GOD IS. Unity’s Prayer for Protection ends with these powerful words of affirmation and it is not surprising that this booklet is one of our top selling publications. £2.00


You are not Alone

YOU ARE NOT ALONE. This very comforting collection of Unity meditations, verses and reflections is an ideal companion during those challenging moments in life…. £1.50




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