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Love – the power that binds and heals.

“Love is the power that joins and binds together the universe and everything in it.”  Charles Fillmore – Keep a True Lent P151

This month we turn our attention to the power of Divine Love, expressing through us, as us. Right now this seems more pertinent than ever, for love is being called forth from us, as we respond to the many different events being lived out on the world stage.

When we witness anyone living out of their ego thinking (driven by fear, anger and grief) and we respond in the same way, we become part of the perceived problem.  As someone said recently – whatever emotion or feeling we give to another, we keep – it does not leave us.  So the question is: What emotion or feeling do we want to give and therefore keep? For me, it has to be love.

In Unity we talk all the time about Oneness consciousness: You and I are one with God and we are one with each other. I describe this as being part of a hologram – the whole picture (God) is seen in every single part.

Thus: God is love, we are made in the image and likeness of God and we are love; we can choose to respond with love and we experience even more love. However, this also means that when we are upset with something we see in the world, it is touching something in us that upsets us, held in place through our own sense of isolation which generates our response of fear, anger or grief. When we respond in kind we are enhancing our own woundedness, causing even more emotional pain.

When we witness this we are being given a powerful opportunity.  Instead of responding with fear we are invited to heal our own woundedness; heal our own experience of isolation and fear by connecting with God in us as Love. The more we do this, the more we become whole and the pain in the world is dissolved. This is the message of Unity, the message that Jesus taught and Paul picked up on in 1 Corinthians 13: To connect with and respond to ourselves and each other as the love that God is, in us all.

Love is the power that heals and binds us together in perfect harmony and it takes faith, courage and strength, to do this; to respond in a new way. When we do, we respond to what is happening in the world which enables a positive response and action.

The tools which enable me to do this are prayer and meditation, loving myself as an expression of God, feeling safe enough to move through my painful emotions to integrate them and watch them dissolve in God’s love, and being as present as possible so I can open to love and choose to respond in a new way.

My experience has been that the more I do this, the more I and we awaken to our real selves as expressions of God, and the fears of the world will begin to dissolve; more peace will be experienced on earth.

Let us build on our faith.  Let us affirm, “I see myself clearly, I know who I am – a spark of divinity, an expression of the divine.” And using the harmonising and connecting power of love, let us know this for ourselves and everyone else, too.

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