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“Those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.”

Isaiah 40:31

Strength – this is often seen as the capacity to endure, to keep on keeping on, to ‘fight the good fight with all your might’. Just like David did in facing and defeating Goliath. Here, too, we find courage – our ability to step up and out of our comfort zone, or our perceived abilities, with faith that the often unseen power of God is always present, so we can then act from this perspective.

Yet strength to me is also something more. It takes strength and courage to face our own ‘demons’ – the insidious attack thoughts that seem to berate us. To face our fears – not head on but with a calm poise, serenity and confidence that beneath and through this experience, is the presence of Love.

It is this quiet, inner strength that enables me to take responsibility when I have made a mistake and own up with a sincere apology. (Something I could never do as a child!)

It is connecting with this form of strength, a sure and steady power, which leads me through feelings of anger, outrage, dismay, rejection or loss, to reach the safe inner shores of love and acceptance.

I know this now! A few years back I was feeling very angry over some words said to me that were veiled expressions of attack. I experienced a total lack of support and was left feeling helpless, not knowing how to respond and so staying silent. Feeling helpless, the anger grew. What was I to do?

Well, God knows our needs before we do. Because many weeks back I had booked a one-to-one session with Miranda McPhearson who had previously helped me move from fear to bliss and grace. I had thought she could help me focus on my spiritual journey, but the Universe knew differently!

I took my anger, disappointment and outrage to our session. In moments, Miranda led me through an exercise that shifted the anger to STRENGTH. I capitalise the words as the shift was incredible. I felt completely empowered, strong, grounded, connected like a solid oak tree, that yet moves in the wind.
This shift – feeling the anger in my body, sinking into and through it, and moving into strength, has not left me. I walked away a changed woman.

When we face our ‘negative’ emotions with love, only truth will prevail. Now strength has become my mainstay. The feeling of being grounded, connected, unmovable in integrity, and continuing to face any feelings that take away my energy or cause harm to another, can be transformed in an instant, when we move through them with love – all this continues to be my work.

I invite you to develop your sense of inner strength. Connect with trees whether in person or through pictures; do exercises that ground you like walking in nature, yoga or tai chi. Allow yourself to feel the support of all of life within and around you. Face your ‘demons’ with strength and faith. As you do you will find your way back to love. This is our focus in Unity this month.

Kimerie Mapletoft

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  • Sarah says:

    Thankyou Kimerie.
    Thankyou … A much-needed ‘meditation’ gently & inspiringly written.
    And Blessings to you

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