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Spiritual Understanding

By June 29, 2017Newsletter

This month our focus in Unity is on our power of spiritual understanding. When we seek to understand ourselves, another or our experience of God, we are looking to make deeper connections. We are looking to understand and thereby experience “the seed of God is in us all”. (Meister Eckhart, a 13th C. Catholic mystic.)

We are all ‘of God’. Yet we express our God nature in very different ways, and some barely express it at all. However if we forever focus on the differences or lack, and make these wrong in each other, we will never find the similarities, the God-seed which we all have as the root of our nature.

This focusing on our differences can be very subtle in nature. Yet if it causes us to blame, then our own God-nature is also in hiding.

In my life, I have long recognised my tendency to be passive-aggressive. I experienced mild bullying as a child, as indeed most children do, and my learned response was to blame others through comments that subtly criticised the other person. I have been recognising that if another person does not respond in the way I want, I can easily make them wrong and I do the one thing I don’t like – create more experiences of separation and getting even more lost in the experience of no-love. How easy it is to witness this in others – how difficult to see it in ourselves! Just like Jesus said, we are to take out the beam in our own eye before we try to remove the mote in another!

Lately I had a perfect opportunity to witness this in myself again! Boy how subtle this passive-aggressive reaction can be. I even do it to myself! Yet I can see that I have a huge opportunity of real growth here. I can move beyond my learnt responses and live in a new way.

Before responding with the subtle thinking that tells me you are wrong as you are not doing what I am comfortable with, I can stop, pause, breathe, take my attention inward and connect with peace, making peace my reality. Now I can reconnect with love as our united identity and respond in a new way. This is either:

– Stay quiet and move through any feelings of discomfort

– Speak up in a way that speaks my truth without blame or shame.

This for me is a huge practice in spiritual understanding.¬† First, I understand that we are all ‘of God’. Second I find the point in me which enables peace, love and wisdom to express as me. Thirdly I can respond and speak my truth with love, or simply just watch what is happening without blame, and see love reflected here through the differences we express.

Life is an on-going journey. Understanding is not one ah-ha moment but more a series of moments enabling deeper wisdom, insight and truth. The deeper knowing and living that, indeed, “the seed of God is in us all”.

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