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Please note that the majority of Unity’s Classes are now run as live streams over the internet which means that you can join in wherever you live in the country. Unity uses Zoom, a popular and easy to use live streaming software, to facilitate this: scroll down to the bottom of this page for more details of this, or go to our live streaming page.

Metaphysical Bible Interpretation
The Hebrew Scriptures

hebrew bible

Beginning 6th September, 7-9pm
with Rev. Tom Thorpe
Continuing the following four Wednesday evenings
Cost: £30 (SEE students: £50)

Unity’s interpretation of the Bible, from a metaphysical perspective, is almost unique among those who follow Christian teachings.

Using the Metaphysical Bible Dictionary as our guide, free download from we take the stories and names of characters in the Bible and look at the inner, esoteric meaning, making the stories real for us today.

In Unity, the Bible is not taken as a literal and historical document. Instead we look at it allegorically and metaphysically, finding meaning for us and aiding us in solving life’s problems. We see the Bible as a record of the experiences and development of the human soul, from Genesis to Revelation; also as a treatise on our relationship with God.

Rev. Tom Thorpe’s deep appreciation and understanding of the Bible will guide us in deepening our knowledge of the Bible, to make it very real for us and our lives today. We can find aspects of ourselves in the characters, and relate to the stories being told. Instead of God being seen as a judging God, separate, and rewarding or punishing as seen fit, we understand the stories to be the Hebrews very personal experiences of God through the highs and lows of their development from a tribal group to an established society living under Roman rule, creating laws and a way of life in a very difficult world.

We begin our tour of the Bible with the Hebrew Scriptures.

Please note all Tom’s classes are available as live transmissions over the internet via Zoom a free live streaming application, so that you can join us wherever you live in the UKDetails of Tom’s meeting number for Zoom is:


For further questions or to book your place, call us on 01628 628915

Everyone is welcome.

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Unity’s Twelve Powers

12 Powers Visual

Join us as we study the 12 powers in Unity over a year.

Online monthly meetings.

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Also already running:

Conversations in Unity

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Monday, 11th September, 7-9 pm
Conversations in Unity is a free, open, internet hosted evening, when we share ideas, ask questions and dive deeper into Unity’s perspective along with our own. It is very informal and everyone is welcome to take part in the conversation, though this is not required. We invite our conversations to be a time of making deeper connections with each other, as we seek to understand and grow together.

For September’s class, Pete Lang will be leading the conversation. Pete is a firm believer in reincarnation, and whether you do or don’t, this promises to be a lively evening!

Education ClassesUnity’s passion and our mission is to assist you along your personal path to spiritual growth. The Spiritual Education and Enrichment Classes (SEE) program is designed for those who have the eyes to see in new ways, for those who want to look deeper than ever before and transform their lives.

Unity is dedicated to the spiritual growth of each individual and to helping you see more clearly and deeply with the eyes of Spirit. If Spirit is nudging you forward, we would be honoured to assist you along your personal spiritual path. We invite you to be a part of this great adventure.

Previous courses have included:  Unity’s Five Principles,  How to Let God Help You by Myrtle Fillmore, The Quest,   Historical Overview of the Hebrew Scriptures, Introduction to Heart Centred Metaphysics, The Background of New Thought Movements, Christ in the Bible

Most courses are studied live online via video or in person in Maidenhead, Berkshire.

We run a full programme of courses online and in person. The courses are designed to help you explore and express your God- given potential.

If you are interested in taking your studies further as a Unity Student many of these courses can be taken for credit as part of our Spiritual Enrichment Education programme (SEE).

Quick Guide to Live Streamed Classes via the Internet*

In order to join us,  download the necessary live-streaming software available free of charge from Zoom, a video conferencing website. Note that on tablets and smartphones the software is available as a free Android or Apple app which is very simple to use. If you are using a PC or laptop it needs to be Windows 7 or later. 

  • Open the software (or app) and enter your name and the meeting id for groups and classes:

739 579 4060

(Tom Thorpe’s class uses a different meeting ID, see above)

  • Click join meeting. Ignore any tab which invites you to sign in or register.
  • Allow yourself a couple of minutes before the meeting time in case there are any adjustments you need to make to your camera or microphone.
  • Please mute your microphone in order to avoid disturbing others in the meeting. To do this please  click on the microphone icon at the bottom of your fuze meeting screen.)
  • Once you have joined the live meeting, the meeting room will appear as a small TV image on your computer, tablet or phone (those who use Skype – similar to Zoom – will be familiar with this).
  • We look forward to seeing you online.