Release-Let Go, Let God


The five words – let go and let God – are ones we come across a lot in Unity.

The first time I heard them spoken and explained I felt released from the idea that I had to fix everything or worry about anything. It felt like a burden had been lifted – I could respond in a new way.  It was so very freeing.

My challenge has been, over the years, to remember to let go and let God! How quickly I pick up the mantle of concern and try to sort things out. My brain starts going over the situation and the tension builds in my body.

One of my joys has been this practice of remembering – realising more quickly that I have slipped into an old rut. Now I remember to take a breath, pause, create some space in my mind and heart, hand everything over to the power we call God, Presence or our Divine Source, and know this Presence is active here and now.

As I reconnect with my power of faith, peace takes over. I affirm, “All is well.” Whether the resolution is healing, guidance, order, understanding, prosperity etc, I know that God is present within, through, around and as the people involved.  I say and mean ‘Thank you’ for the good unfolding now.

I have also experienced another form of release – through accessing and releasing my emotions. Let me give you an example.

A few years ago a lump appeared on my neck. A cyst had developed around a node on my thyroid and it grew to about the size of a small egg.  As I gently focused on it I knew it was there for me to experience wholeness and healing. I also knew there was nothing wrong – that it was connected to some deep emotional pain that had got stuck and needed release.

One evening this came to a head. I had been experiencing a strong feeling of rejection which I recognised went back to my very early childhood. I also knew how quickly I could get into feeling hurt and blaming this feeling on what other people were doing or not doing.

So instead of getting into this old cycle, I allowed myself to move into the feeling of rejection without analysing it in any way. This exercise takes some doing as our minds always want to get into ‘the story’.  As soon as I started to pick up a thought, instead I simply moved back into the feeling.

As I gave myself permission to fully feel the rejection it started to shift. It was as if the light of God was shining upon it through my conscious allowing of it to just be. I was not pushing it away, denying it, making it wrong or giving it any power, and it felt so different. I stayed with this experience of allowing and being for a few moments. Then I asked, what do I do now? The answer was to keep moving through the experience, so I did. And the experience changed by itself to one of deep, deep joy. I was free.

I slept better that night than ever before. And when I woke up in the morning, the lump had shrunk to almost nothing. I know it only remains in a very small form as a reminder to keep doing this emotional releasing work. Instead of blaming myself and the world for my feelings, I allow myself to feel into them and watch them dissolve in the Light and Love I call God.

Release work can take many forms. However you do yours, watch the inner and outer shift happen and know that each time you allow the Light and Love of God to shine through, you are coming to know your Infinite Self more deeply and fully as you.


Kimerie will be exploring the power of releasing in the December service in Maidenhead and streamed online.

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