The Path of Oneness 

Workshop hosted by Martin Nathanael

Saturday 18th May from 10.30-4.30pm,

Held at Friends Meeting House, Maidenhead, Berkshire.

About the Workshop

This full day workshop offers an invitation to awaken from our mistaken “separate” identity.

For “Oneness” means just that – there is one reality; it is complete, lacks nothing, and YOU ARE THAT – it is the natural divine essence of each and all!

Non-dual teachings emphasise that awakening to this truth is not an exclusive privilege for mystics, monks and the like, but is equally available to everyone. Moreover, as our natural state, it awaits our re-discovery rather than being something new to be achieved.

The day will include meditation and spiritual practices to help us experience our direct connection with our essential wholeness.

Tickets -£35 each  click the picture to purchase tickets

(concessions available, contact for details )

Or call 01628 628915 or email us. We know this workshop will be a time of learning and fun together.

Tea, coffee and biscuits will be provided. Please bring your own lunch

About the speaker

Martin Nathanael: 

During his late teens, Martin Nathanael found himself drawn to the esoteric elements of the world’s spiritual philosophies, particularly focusing on the advaita (non-dual) tradition of India.
Later, a mystical opening to Christ-consciousness led him towards working as a priest.
His varied career has taken him into secondary education where he was Head of Religious Studies in two London schools, teaching world religions to A level.
For the past 35 years, he has been teaching meditation to individuals and groups, leading quiet days and residential retreats, and giving talks or leading courses and workshops on various aspects of inner transformation.
He has also been a tutor and supervisor to students in training as interfaith ministers, as well as developing his own interfaith ministry.
Martin lives in York with his wife Kathleen.

Join us for the weekend

For a longer Unity experience, join us for a meal Saturday night, stay overnight in a local Maidenhead hotel. On Sunday morning you will have free time to relax or perhaps enjoy a walk by the river Thames, and then come and join us for our Unity’s Sunday Service in the afternoon. 

For more info give us a call on  01628 628915  or contact us