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The-Week-that-Changed-the-WTHE WEEK THAT CHANGED THE WORLD by ERNEST WILSON. This enlightening study gives you a new perspective on the 47 events of Holy Week from palm Sunday to Easter Sunday. Essential reading for those seeking a deeper awareness of the Easter experience. £12.25 inc. Postage & Packing.

Keep a True Lent

Keep a True Lent CoverKEEP A TRUE LENT.Unity believes that we can best keep Lent by denying ourselves not “things” but negative thoughts and feelings. Charles Fillmore provides 17 powerful essays to help the reader prepare for a spiritual journey, and he includes a thought-provoking lesson for each day of the Lenten season .’ £12.25 in. postage & packing.

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Daily Word for the SpiritDaily Word for the Spirit

Edited by Colleen Zuck

In this unique Daily Word volume, Colleen Zuck, editor of Daily Word for 25 years, has personally selected 50 Daily Word readings and articles. Individuals such as Wayne Dyer, Dr Michael Bernard Beckwith and Rosemary Fillmore Rhea as well as many everyday heroes and heroines, allow us into the depths of their souls.

Prepare to be blessed by powerful real-life tales of giving and receiving love, forgiving and being forgiven, healing and helping others heal.

£12.75 inc Postage & Packing.

Living with Abundance


Enriching Prosperity Talks from Unity 2016 Whalley Retreat. By Kimerie Mapletoft and Ken Bradley

2 CD set Just £6.95 (incl p+p UK only)

How to let God Help You


Myrtle Fillmore’s Classic Unity Text produced for the first time as an audiobook.

Read for Unity in the UK by Patricia Rosser.

4 CD set just £12.95 (incl p+p UK only)

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Meditation CD



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Unity’s message, ‘Peace be Still’ becomes more and more important in our increasingly complex world. But how can we find such peace in our busy daily lives? Through guided meditations we can go into that sacred place within, finding peace, harmony, strength and spiritual wisdom. In these three beautiful new meditations, Kimerie Mapletoft and Ruth Humphreys will help you relax, be still, and open yourself to your radiant heart centre…

Light and Life (KM)

Flowers of the Soul (RH)

Peace be Still (KM)


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