For May 2019



Live Wisely and Well

                                           from Unity’s Guide to Healing

Remember that there is a friendly, loving intelligence in your body watching over it night and day, keeping it in repair and seeing that its organs are functioning smoothly.

This intelligence never sleeps, for whether you are awake or asleep it works unceasingly, mending torn tissues, cleansing your blood, eliminating waste, knitting bones if necessary, digesting food, and making chemical fluids. It is a force that cleanses, lubricates, and coordinates the parts of your body and also protects it.

This silent agent of God in you is carrying out God’s loving command that you be a living soul. But do not forget that this silent agent needs your cooperation in order to do its best work. If you worry or think destructive thoughts, you may tear down your body faster than it can be renewed. Realizing clearly that your body forces are a part of God’s plan will promote harmony and health in your body. On a daily basis, practice giving all the parts and functions of your body to God, and you will help Him to help you. Free your body from your worries, fears, and from inherited ideas concerning weakness and disease.

Do not resist outside conditions or fight them mentally. The only result of your resistance will be tension and physical disorder. We can start now through prayer and meditation to put our lives and our thoughts in order. Spiritual awareness-and with it, order of body and mind-grows steadily by means of daily prayer and meditation. The quiet miracles of prayer take many forms: releasing the pressure of mental and emotional tensions, by confiding repressed thoughts and feelings to a doctor, friend, or counselor, or by “writing a letter to God”; silent communion with nature; physical exercise; some creative hobby or service to others less fortunate than ourselves. All these activities serve to take us “out of ourselves,” to shift our forces and enable us to touch the healing power of God. All these miracles of prayer are based on giving in creative and constructive ways. To pray for another is healing to the self.

Prayer opens the way for us to draw on the infinite reservoir of God ­Mind, to bring into manifestation that which is already ours. Prayer is getting in touch with Spirit. Prayer liberates the energies pent up in mind and body and enables them to be put to use in constructive ways. (#474)

I am revitalised and restored by the in-dwelling Christ spirit

                                           MONTHLY REFLECTION

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