For November 2018


God is Taking Care of it

by Mary Kupferle

Yes, dear friend, God is taking care of it. Whatever your need at this very moment, God, in infinite love and wisdom, is fulfilling it and taking care of it.

God takes care of you in every circumstance of your life. Relax and know that God is caring for you, watching over you, and protecting you. God is helping you release your tensions. God is dissolving your fears. New peace and assurance come to you as you simply, trustingly know: God is taking care of it.

Your reasoning mind may ask, “How can I have the courage to see this through?” Stop the questioning. Stop the doubting and wondering. Instead, remind yourself gently but firmly: God is taking care of it. Let God’s love and wisdom take over. You will feel an immediate sense of relief. You will be able to take a deep breath and relax. You will come to realize that you do have faith, that you can be at peace, that you are a child of God.

Each time you know within yourself: God is taking care of it, you will realize that human force and pressure are no longer needed. You will gain a new awareness of what it means to let go and let God. You will see that you have opened a new area of understanding regarding your true relationship with God. It will become clear to you that you are the channel through which God works. You will feel the effectiveness of your prayers, knowing that God does the work, not you. God’s presence is within you and within any circumstance, resolving it in perfect time and in perfect order. God is taking care of any condition or situation, dissolving whatever needs dissolving, resolving whatever needs resolving.

God knows. God is there. God loves you. God cares. God is present and active now. You can be sure of it. Let go and let God take over. God is taking care of it.
This is the moment for you to stop fussing and fretting, to release all anxieties and personal concerns about yourself or anyone or anything. In place of your doubts and fears, let the idea that God is taking care of it work for you and through you. Let its essence sweep away every fear, wash away every doubt. Let its gentle power dominate your thoughts and feelings until you become a clear channel through which God’s love can work. Wherever you are, God is there in the midst of you, in the midst of the people around you, in the midst of the circumstance, in the midst of everyone and everything. If you are afraid of what might happen next week or next month or next year, remember again: God is taking care of it.

As you read these words, accept the freeing thought that God is taking care of everything in your life. Let your physical being relax. Close your eyes to outer sights and appearances. Turn your attention to the loving Presence within.
You will begin to feel relaxed and at peace. The future will invoke no feelings of weight or worry. You will be free to live unhampered and unbound. You will find yourself thinking more clearly, sleeping more restfully, responding and reacting to others more calmly and patiently. You will be happier and more effective in all that you say and do.

God is taking care of it. As you continue to carry this little message with you into each experience, you will find a new world of cooperation all around you. You will no longer need to fight or struggle. You will be poised and centered in a spiritual stronghold within your own being. You will be at peace. You will feel the strength and power of God’s presence at work within you and within your life.  (#404)


I am secure in,
God’s protecting presence.
My way is safe and secure


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