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We celebrate the birth of Christ consciousness
this month, divinity inherent in humanity.
We celebrate Jesus, who embodied divinity and
demonstrated a way of living based in spiritual
principles. We focus on peace, light, and life within
us and all around us, as we begin this time of

Divine Peace is my path and true nature.

God is the source of peace within my mind. Peace
is born in me. Centered in peace, I know I am one
with God, and peace is truly mine. Peace is the
foundation from which I think constructively and act
intentionally. Peace is my foundation, beginning in
the Silence…

I follow the star and respond to the light of divine wisdom.

In the way of wise ones through the ages, I
follow the illuminating light of divine wisdom.
In any time of need, I make an inward journey
and discern how to proceed. Day and night,
the star shines and lights my way. I live in
wisdom, beginning in the Silence …

God is the flow of life in my body and being.

I affirm God is my life in
circumstance. For every concern
about health and well-being, I fill
my mind with knowledge of God,
of life, permeating my body and
being. Life is born in me, in
every moment of spiritual
awareness. I know God is my
life, in the Silence …

 I rejoice in abundant possibilities.

Joy and celebration are on my mind as I
consider how blessed I am. I rejoice in the
continual flow of abundance born in me with
every thought of appreciation. The desires of
my heart are fulfilled as I realize all things are
possible because God is my source. I rejoice, in the

The Christ born in me is a gift to the world

The Christ, my divine identity, is my true
nature. The Christ is born in me, in my
realization that I am alive as a gift to the
world. As I celebrate the birth of Jesus, the great
teacher of Christ consciousness, I celebrate my
growing capacity to be a gift, a light in the world,
beginning in the Silence …

~ ~ ~

We conclude our prayer time in joy and
celebration. Together we pray our “Prayer for
Protection,” a blessing of reassurance and
empowerment for the days ahead:

The light of God surrounds us;

The love of God enfolds us;

The power of God protects us;

The presence of God watches over us.

Wherever we are God is!