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APRIL 2019

~ ~ ~

Entering wholeheartedly into a period of prayer,
we set aside any intention except to bask in the
power and presence of infinite love, wisdom, and life.
God that is infinite love, wisdom, and life permeates
our being. Single-minded, wholehearted, we go
within …

Peace flows like a river through my mind and heart.

With every breath, I circulate spiritual peace
through my body, my thoughts, and my feelings. I
am captivated by God that is infinite peace, settling
every nerve and vibration throughout my being.
The calm, vital force of infinite peace inspires me,
as I pray …

Immersed in divine wisdom i listen, learn and live.

Everything I need, every sense of direction,
and every divine idea for the moment ahead,
lies within at the seat of divine wisdom. In the
moments I feel uncertain, I turn within. As I
listen to my life, I learn the way of wisdom.
Infinite wisdom stirs, in the Silence …

One with God I am the flow and vitality of life.

In the midst of any health or healing
concern, I remind myself that my
nature conforms with the pattern
of infinite divine life. I steady my
thoughts in spiritual strength,
stirred in the expectancy of
faith. I live now, fully and
wholeheartedly, centered
in prayer …

 All things are possible in divine mind.

In a posture of trust, I let peace pervade my being
as I see and hear of troubling conditions in the world
around me. I lead in peace, fostering peace stemming
from the unifying power of infinite love. I choose to
trust the good, the God, within myself and others, in
the silence of prayer …Let there be peace in all peoples at all times.

May I know my role as a centre of peace. May I
be vigilant about my thoughts so that I consciously
contribute to the possibility of peaceful interactions
throughout the human family. Centred in One Mind,
one source of peace, may I be a blessing in the world.
This I pray, in the Silence …

~ ~ ~

As we close this time of restorative, renewing
prayer, we carry within us the capacities of infinite
love, wisdom, and life. All that God is, we can be
in any moment of need ahead. We champion our
good and the good of all with whom we pray, as
we join in reciting “The Prayer for Protection”:

The light of God surrounds us;

The love of God enfolds us;

The power of God protects us;

The presence of God watches over us.

Wherever we are God is!