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APRIL 2018

~ ~ ~

Retreating for a few moments of focused prayer,
we reset mind and heart in the essential truth
of our spiritual nature. We anchor our attention
in God, the Source of all that is life-sustaining. We
command the mind to be attentive; nervous system
to be still; heart to be open; and spirit to be free.
By the unifying power of divine love, we pray in
oneness with God……


I express the peace and love of my Christ spirit.

I am anchored in peace, secure in knowing
that spiritual peace is possible regardless of my
circumstances. As I focus on my Christ identity, I
am empowered to express divine peace and love in
any moment. In silence, I pray into peace …

I seek the guidance of Spirit, and
I move forward confidently.

The spirit of wisdom is a constant stream
of guidance I rely upon. As I turn inward to
wisdom again and again, I grow in trust of my
ever-ready sense of direction. I trust, and I
proceed, in confidence. I attune to wisdom
now, in prayer…

I am renewed in mind, body, and
spirit by the healing power of
God within.

I am anchored in the truth of
wholeness, aware of the power of
God-life within every aspect of
my being. I renew in mind as I
hold healing thoughts. I renew
in body as I bless every cell
and structure in my body
temple. I renew in spirit
as I center myself, in

 I am open to divine ideas and use them to
prosper my life.

I catch hold of and am inspired by divine ideas
with which to live in purpose and passion each day.
Anchored in divine abundance, I am poised for
possibilities. Gratefully, in oneness with God, I
prosper. Gratefully, I now pray…

I walk in harmony and acceptance with
all beings.

I live in divine love, the power to harmonize my
life and my relationship with all beings. I walk in
harmony, one with the love that God is. In a state of
love, I accept, embrace, and celebrate the light of all
beings. I pray in silence…

~ ~ ~

Anchored in spiritual peace, wisdom, wholeness,
abundance, and harmony, we close this time of
prayer in gratitude. We are grateful for our growing
realization of God, our Source, and for embracing
oneness as the truth of being. We close with the
“Prayer for Protection,” together:


The light of God surrounds us;

The love of God enfolds us;

The power of God protects us;

The presence of God watches over us.

Wherever we are God is!