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~ ~ ~

Beginning in a state of appreciation, we
breathe the breath of Spirit, the one life
and substance, the Word of God. Within the
Word is the pattern for spiritual vitality and
wholeness that inspires us. We enter into
communion, one with one another and one
with God, in prayer.

Peace. peace. peace is my true nature.

The Word is peace. Peace is mine, an
underlying and overarching sense that all is
well in this moment as I align my mind and
heart in God, the source of peace. I speak to
my mind and heart the word of peace, in this
moment of silence…

Centred in divine wisdom, I trust
my inner knowing.

The Word is wisdom, a sense of
direction arising from within. Every
question, concern, and challenge resolves
in the light of wisdom, my ability to judge,
discern, and intuit. The path ahead
becomes visible as I speak the Word of
wisdom, in this moment of prayer…

I celebrate ever-flowing vitality in my body and in my life.

The Word is life, the animating
principle and force, the Word from
which every divine idea springs. I
celebrate God life free-flowing,
revitalizing my body and my
life. I speak the Word of life
to know that as I will to be
whole, I am whole. In the
Silence, I know life … …

 My mind is one with God Mind, in which
everything is possible.

The Word is order, divine order. All things
become possible in the light of my orderly attention
on God-Good first. All possibilities align in my
mind, focused within divine mind. I speak the
Word of order and allow my good to unfold. In
silence I pray…

Centered in Christ consciousness, I am
the light of the world

The Word is light, the illuminating light of God
that I realize in prayer. The light reveals the great
mystery and reality of oneness: God—no “other.”
I revel in the light of oneness. I allow the light to
shine upon the world with my every thought of
blessing. I am the light of the world, in silence …

~ ~ ~

Within God, our source and inner resource,
we now realize the Word that nourishes
and enriches us. The living seed, the Word,
springs to life and blossoms in our awareness,
inevitably bearing fruit in our experience. As
we pray the “Prayer for Protection,” we speak
the Word of light, love, power, and presence:

The light of God surrounds us;

The love of God enfolds us;

The power of God protects us;

The presence of God watches over us.

Wherever we are God is!