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~ ~ ~

Retreating from external activity for a little
while, we anchor our awareness in God,
in good, and in our innate divine identity.
Acknowledging that the source of all we need
for fullness of life is within and all around us,
we breathe in and breathe out, relaxing into the
peace of this powerful moment


With each beat of my heart I relax into peace.

The spirit of peace radiates from within me.
Turning within, I am centred in the peace that
covers every circumstance and concern. Every
heartbeat sends a signal to my body and mind:
Peace. Peace. Peace. I relax into peace, as I pray
in the Silence…

I am divinely guided, step by step, to a new and fulfilling life.

In the midst of every question and concern,
divine wisdom is an active force for my moment-by-
moment discernment. I am never without
a sense of direction, for God is wisdom. In the
quiet of prayer, I open inner space for all that
I need to know…

The healing power of divine life within strengthens and revitalises me.

Every cell of my body holds the
imprint of divine life. I envision the
activity of divine life as a continual
flow of vital energy nourishing
and nurturing my body and
being. Centred in divine life,
I am whole, in this moment
of prayer …

 I am connected to infinite and abundant spiritual supply.

The prospering power of God is in focus as I
appreciate all that I have and all that I desire.
I waste not a moment in thoughts of lack.
Instead, I celebrate the infinite, irrepressible
power of prosperity. I turn my mind toward
plenty, as I pray …

I express divine love and affirm peace and harmony for all.

Realizing oneness with God, I become an
ambassador of harmonious divine love in the
world. I strive toward kindness, compassion, and
peaceful living in support of all people. I uphold
the world and all people in prayer…

~ ~ ~

In a consciousness of peace, power, and
plenty, we emerge from the Silence to radiate
the light of God into our day. We envision
those for whom we pray fortified by spiritual
truth and unified by divine love. Together let
us recite the “Prayer for Protection”:


The light of God surrounds us;

The love of God enfolds us;

The power of God protects us;

The presence of God watches over us.

Wherever we are God is!