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JUNE 2018

~ ~ ~

We have marked this time to shift
attention from our plans and concerns
to the center of being in which we know Spirit
is all. Spirit is everywhere and the essence of
everything. In this reality we concentrate our
attention now so that we may know Spirit is at
the center of our being and we are one as we
enter into prayer


I am peace at the core of my being.

Spirit is peace. I am one with the spirit of peace.
Breath by breath, I settle in to a peace that instills
calm, confidence, and courage. There is nothing
to do, nowhere to go in this moment of being. I
am peace, in the Silence…

I listen to inner wisdom and I am guided to live my purpose.

Within my mind and heart, intuition flows
as a steady stream, an ever-ready sense of
direction. Wisdom is natural to me, for I
am one with the spirit of wisdom. I choose
wisely, purposely, prayerfully. I am
attentive, in the Silence…

Healing energy flows throughout my being, renewing my mind and body.

In this moment, I release any
thought that lessens well-being.
I attune to the spirit of life
recognizable as healing,
renewing vitality. I live in the
flow of healing, renewing
vitality. Well-being is my
experience as I know the
truth of my divine life,
in prayer …

 God is my source. Freely I give and freely I receive.

The spirit of God, everywhere and the essence of
everything, is the source of my abundant life. When
thoughts of scarcity cloud my vision, I rise by giving
freely, in a state of gratitude. I appreciate the good I
give and receive, as I pray…

My thoughts, words, and actions create a space for peace and love.

I hold the world and all beings in the light of peace
and love. Guarding my thoughts, I choose compassion.
Measuring my words, I choose encouragement.
Preparing my actions, I choose kindness. I am one
with the spirit of peace and love, always and in this
moment of prayer…

~ ~ ~

As we complete this period of prayer, we anticipate
the hours ahead by intending to remain centered in
abundant peace, wisdom, and life. One with God,
our Source, we embody these divine qualities by
which we experience and express the light of the
world. Let us close with the “Prayer for Protection”:


The light of God surrounds us;

The love of God enfolds us;

The power of God protects us;

The presence of God watches over us.

Wherever we are God is!