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~ ~ ~

In the quiet of prayer we touch base with our innermost
nature—gloriously divine. We momentarily suspend
our humanness to more fully engage our divine spiritual
nature. As spiritual beings, we are beings of light. We let
our light shine to enrich our lives, to bless others, and to
enrich the world.

We now take time to explore our divinity. Stilling our
thoughts and breathing deeply, we let all that has gone on
before this moment fall away. We become aware of God-life
within. We relax and let go in a spirit of love and gratitude…..

I centre myself in the presence of infinite peace.

Peace resides in my soul. In the stillness, I touch this
place of peace and feel a new sense of serenity. I am
relaxed and calm as I let the peace of my soul guide my
heart. I enter the silence of prayer knowing that all is well
with my soul and I shower the world with peace …

I follow my guidance with faith and gratitude.

I have instant access to wisdom and understanding as I
turn within. I open to divine light and allow new insights to
flow into my mind. With a new sense of clarity and purpose,
I follow inner guidance. With faith and gratitude for my
inner light, I pray …

I give thanks for the life of God within
that heals and renews my body.

God within is Infinite Life. I attune to this power, knowing
it moves throughout my body as renewing energy. Every cell
of my body vibrates with this revitalizing life and functions
in perfect order. My mind, body, and spirit are strong and
whole. I give thanks as I take this truth into prayer…

I am a steward of divine abundance.
I give and receive with gratitude.

Divine abundance flows to me and through me as a
stream of goodness without end. I gratefully accept my
abundance and wisely use it. Knowing that giving opens the
way for even more good, I keep the cycle flowing by freely
sharing what is mine. Affirming abundance, I return to the
stillness of prayer …

I follow Jesus’ example and express goodwill to all.

“My peace I give to you.” I reflect on these words, grateful
for the living example of compassion. With Jesus as my Way
Shower, I am compassionate and understanding, ready to
walk in another’s shoes, to understand a different path of life.
I let my attitude of peace radiate outward so that I, too, can
be an example of goodwill. Affirming peace and goodwill for
all, I hold the world in prayer…

~ ~ ~

As we close this time of prayer and prepare to return to
our day, we remain mindful of our divine nature. We set
the intention to live in a spirit of love and gratitude and to
continually let our divine qualities shine through.
We affirm our oneness in spirit as we pray together our
“Prayer for Protection”:

The light of God surrounds us;

The love of God enfolds us;

The power of God protects us;

The presence of God watches over us.

Wherever we are God is!