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JULY 2017

Prayer is a time of communion with God and
attunes us to God within—our divine nature.
Through our practice of prayer, we more fully express
our divinity. We enter this prayer time, open to Spirit,
inviting divine love, light, and life to move through
us. We let all thoughts of the day fall away as we
turn within and focus on our breath. As we quiet
our minds, we let these words become the words of
our hearts …

I draw peace and strength from my inner Source.

I settle into this present moment. Quietly,
purposefully, I still my thoughts and slowly let my
body relax from the top of my head to the tips of my
toes. I am grounded in God, my source. Peace is mine
as I enter the silence of prayer …

Divine light illumines my mind
and guides my way.

Attuned to divine light, I release any concern
or question to Spirit within. With this light as my
guide, I am ready to walk a new course. I have faith
in my divine intuition to direct me on the path of
peace and fulfillment. I pray in the Silence, fearless
and free …

God is my strength and vitality. I am renewed.

Moving my focus to the life of God within, I
become aware of a stream of healing energy flowing
throughout my body. I give thanks for this divine
energy as it flows through me, renewing every cell
of my body. I give thanks and affirm strength and
wholeness as I return to the Silence …

The infinite goodness of God flows
to me and through me.

In this quiet time, I celebrate the goodness of God
and divine abundance everywhere around me. I
open to divine ideas, with which I create a rich and
meaningful life. I pray with a grateful heart for
infinite goodness, knowing abundance is mine …

I am an ambassador of peace in the world.

Returning my thoughts to peace, I feel centered
and one with God. I let my thoughts of peace radiate
outward to bless every being in the world. As an
ambassador of peace, I express love, I invite harmony,
and I exemplify divine peace in the world.

With peace
in my heart, I bless the world in prayer …

As our prayer time draws to a close, we give thanks
for our unity of spirit and our oneness with God.
Knowing we are enfolded in a spirit of divine love and
peace, we return to our day energized and ready to
express our divine nature in every circumstance. Let us
conclude this time together by joining our hearts in the
“Prayer for Protection”:

The light of God surrounds us;

The love of God enfolds us;

The power of God protects us;

The presence of God watches over us.

Wherever we are God is!