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Join us every day in prayer and wherever you live you will be part of a Unity Community!

All online services and meetings take place via Zoom. Simply go to and type in the meeting number: 739-579-4060.

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How to join online

Monthly Fellowship Service

3pm Third Sunday of Every Month

We are delighted to welcome you to our next live service on Sunday 14th April 2019.

Please note that this month only the service is on the 2nd Sunday of the month 

Download the service sheet for Sunday to use at home

See our Unity Services Page for  details of our monthly services.


Daily Word Prayer Service every Week Day

9am-9.25am Monday-Friday

Each day we focus on the current Daily Word, reading, affirming and holding quiet prayer time to include ourselves, our loved ones, those whom are held in prayer through Silent Unity (without names) and our world. Note that this service is interactive, which means that at the beginning and end of the service we take time to introduce ourselves to each other, as we would in a real service community.

During Lent we begin our service with a reading from our Lent Booklet: Feasting and Fasting.

The prayer meeting will be open from 8.50 to allow some minutes of quiet reflection before the Daily Word reading begins.

 Silent Unity’s Noon candle-1338927_1920Service every Week Day

12-noon-12.30pm Monday-Friday

In this service, we hold our Unity community members in daily silent prayer. Lasting around 25 minutes our noon prayer time therefore often has long periods of silent meditation. However each Friday we will use Silent Unity’s Monthly Prayer Guide as a framework and guide for our prayer work. This will provide you with a weekly prayer time with spoken prayers at the end of the working week. The Prayer Guide is set of five prayerful affirmations & reflections (Peace, Guidance, Healing, Prosperity and World Peace); it has been a Unity prayer tradition over many years and is loved by many Unity members.

Please note also that during all our noon services we will be turning off the audio connection for a few minutes at the beginning so that we can speak the names of those whom Silent Unity is holding in prayer on that day – and preserve the confidentiality of all these names. Once we have completed the naming, the audio will return to normal.  Finally we should add that, unlike the Daily Word live service, the Noon Service will be non-interactive – which means that you will only be able to watch and listen, as your microphone will be automatically muted.

How to join


If you have any comments on your experience or you have any suggestions for how we might improve our live streamed service Steve (  would also be glad to hear from you.

Finally if you have enjoyed using our new live services and would like to contribute to our continuing and innovating Unity Ministry in the UK you can make a donation. Thank you for all your support

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“The Daily Word live morning service is an absolute must for me and is part of my daily routine which includes yoga and meditation. It really puts me in the right frame of mind for the remainder of the day. Highly recommended!”

Joan, North London