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Join us for Live Unity Prayer Time & Services from the comfort of your own living room!

 Daily Word Prayer Time Service every Week Day

9am-9.25am Monday-Friday*

(*Live stream coverage of the candle-lit prayer room on Monday, Wednesday and Friday will begin at around 8.40am which will allow people, if they wish, twenty or so minutes of ‘quiet time meditation’ before the actual DW prayer service begins.)


Monthly Fellowship Service

3pm Third Sunday of Every Month

 We are delighted to welcome anyone wishing to join us for our next live transmission,for the Easter Sunday Flower Service, on April 16th.


We are at last able to offer you links below to the service sheets, hymns and Unity songs which we will be using in this live service. Here are the links you will need, simply click to get each of the service sheets:

Easter Sunday Service

Eternal Life in Me

Lord of the Dance

Thank You

The Lord is Risen

Strength affirmations


 See our Unity Services Page for more details. new-file-for-live-page*

A brand-new free service, quite simple to set up via your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone…

Whether you would like to join us each weekday for a 25  minute Daily Word reading & prayer time; or be part of our hour-long monthly Fellowship Service which includes not just prayer and meditation periods but also talks, readings and song. – now we are delighted to be able to offer you this free and simple service.


Quick Guide

  • In order to join us,  download the necessary live-streaming software available free of charge from Fuze, a video conferencing website. Note that on tablets and smartphones the software can also be uploaded, as either a free Android or Apple app. If you are using a PC or laptop it needs to be Windows 7 or later. Click here to access the Fuze downloads page for all these free download options
  • Open the software (or app) and enter your name and the meeting id for services and prayer meetings:


  • Click join meeting. Ignore any tab which invites you to sign in or register.
  • Allow yourself a couple of minutes before the meeting time in case there are any adjustments you need to make to your camera or microphone.
  • Please mute your microphone in order to avoid disturbing others in the meeting. To do this please  click on the microphone icon at the bottom of your fuze meeting screen.)
  • Once you have joined the live meeting, the meeting room will appear as a small TV image on your computer, tablet or phone (those who use Skype – similar to Fuze – will be familiar with this).
  • Fuze offers an interactive connection, which means that, if you wish, you can attach a microphone to your device and be able to talk to us before or after the service, in this way we can welcome each other and perhaps have a short conversation after the service. During the service itself, for obvious reasons, your microphone will be automatically turned off.
  • We look forward to welcoming you to our prayer meetings and services.

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Troubleshooting Tips:

If you experience problems logging in, this could be because of your internet signal strength. See if you can find ways of improving your connection (for example if it is wifi, go closer to the wifi router, or connect direct to the router using a cable),  and try again. If you experience the video image ‘freezing’, or the fuze connection dropping out after you are connected, this again could be due to fluctuations in the strength of your broadband. You can improve signal strength by disconnecting your own video/audio link sto us, do this by disabling your laptop camera & mic – simply click the camera/mike icons on the fuze screen to do this.  Do contact Steve at Unity (steve.gough@unityuk.org) if problems persist or you want further advice.

If you want to download any supporting literature connected with a current live streamed meeting (such as a service sheet for one of our fellowship services), please click here.

If you have a laptop, phone or tablet which has an inbuilt camera, we will also be able to see you. However you do not need to use your camera if you prefer simply to join us to watch and listen. During the set-up for each meeting you will see an option on your screen allowing you to turn your own microphone or camera on or off and you are welcome to choose whichever you prefer. NB turning camera and mike off will not stop you from joining the service.

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Technical note: we have currently configured this live-streaming service for up to 25 people to join us at any one time. At this time we do not anticipate this number to be exceeded. However if you are refused entry because the numbers have been exceeded, do let us know. We can then upgrade our service.

And if you have any comments on your experience or you have any suggestions for how we might improve our live streamed service Steve would also be glad to hear from you.

Finally if you have enjoyed using our new live services and would like to contribute to our continuing and innovating Unity Ministry in the UK why not make a small donation?