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By August 1, 2017Newsletter
We have just returned from a Unity Silent Retreat at the very beautiful,
relaxing environment of Holland House in Pershore. As soon as we
gathered together Friday evening, there was a deep, profound experience
of stillness and peace in the room. We had all made the choice to be there
and experience 36 hours of silence through not speaking, to give our
minds, bodies and hearts some rest. As soon as we came together we
slipped into Presence, into peace.
When we choose to do something that we feel really strongly we want to
do, it is relatively easy to follow through. And most often (though not
always) all of life falls into place to help us do this, especially when the
choice is of a spiritual nature. I experienced this when I made the
conscious choice, back in 1992, to sell the one thing I had, my little red
car, to pay to go to seminary training in Virginia Beach. Everything fell into
place to enable me to be there – I knew without doubt this was the higher
call of Spirit. It is when we are resisting, or fighting, this higher call that
our struggles begin.
Most of us as human beings are taught not to look too deeply into life.
Instead we are taught to work hard and do all we can to support ourselves
with a good job, home and family life. However my experience is that the
real joy of living comes when we look for a deeper meaning to life, where
the real nurturing Presence or Spirit is experienced. To be with a group of
people who have chosen to connect with the deeper part of themselves at
a silent retreat, amplified the experience of stillness and peace, and we all
felt the benefit.
“You will decide on a matter and it will be established for you, and light
will shine on your ways.” Job 22:28
How often do you go within and ask yourself, is this my human desire
wanting something, or is it Spirit nudging me to move in a direction that is
good for everyone, not just me? It takes a lot of conscious practice to
listen for the voice or guidance of Spirit, as it truly is the ‘still small voice
within’. And it can take courage and strength to follow through.
However, as we practice listening for the will or guidance of God, we come
to know that Spirit has only our good in mind. Many of us, while in the
silence last weekend, wrote words of wisdom and experienced a deeper
peace, because we had made space for God.
Our challenge, especially in our busy lives, is to learn to hear the
difference between the voice for self and the Voice for All. However, as we
do, we truly experience a deeper, more profound meaning to life. We feel
a deeper connectedness to Spirit and to each other, as well as our Self.
Sitting in the quietness of meditation and learning to take the mind
beyond thought, is the best tool we have to connect us to our good, our
joy, our peace.
I invite you to make the conscious choice of peace – to take time in silence
and stillness to get beyond the non-stop thinking mind and feel Spirit, or
Presence as your guide. Truly we can say and mean then, as Jesus did,
not my will but yours be done.” (Luke 22:42)

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